Copy List Item Action

We can create a user facing action by adjusting Advanced Settings on the action column. The copy action is useful to allow the user to start a new record from a copy of an existing record.


  • Create a new Copy item/document action named "Copy Product".


  •  Adjust Advanced Settings to show a button to the user to trigger the action after confirmation.
  • In this case, the action should NOT be hidden.
  • The button will be added both to the Ribbon Menu and to the dropdown Context Menu.
  • Choose an appropriate icon or upload your own custom icon which corresponds to the image shown in the user interface.
  • Enable the Confirm Execution option to prompt the user before committing the action.

In Office 365 actions are hidden from the users by default. In this case, select Manual execution to make the action available in the Context Menu and the Ribbon. In Office 365 actions cannot be shown as columns. Also the "Column Name" selection is not present in Office 365. The interface looks slightly different as shown:
  • Under Action Settings, Use ID = [ID] setting to apply the rule to the curret record.


The copy action is a good user facing function that adds helpful functionality. You may futher customize the resulting actions when a user triggers this event. Adding this custom action simplifies the process for the user.

Last modified: 8/30/2017 4:27 PM
8 comments [latest: 3/14/2017 9:12 PM]
Toni [9/20/2016 10:29 PM]
Thank you for explaining this option, however, I am not able to see the icon on my form although I've followed each of the steps above (O365) Anything that could be missing? Toni
Toni [9/20/2016 10:36 PM]
Think I've figured it out - no way to have this option available while I'm in the Infowise form, just through Run Actions in the list, correct? Thanks
Vladi Gubler [9/21/2016 2:01 PM]
Toni: yes, in the app version, it's different from the on-prem version in this aspect
Matt [2/16/2017 11:48 PM]
Is there any way to copy only part of the list item? We have some unique ids in the list and I think that is causing the copy operation to fail. We need to choose which fields not copy to the new form.
Vladi Gubler [2/16/2017 11:49 PM]
Matt: as long as the fields have the same names, they will be copied. So not having the same names could be a solution. Not that both internal and display names should be different.
Tina [3/14/2017 7:50 PM]
Once an item is copied to a new item, is there an action to put that new item in Edit mode?
Vladi Gubler [3/14/2017 9:12 PM]
Tina: actions run in the background, they cannot control where the browser redirects after the action runs.
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