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We can create a user-facing action by adjusting Advanced Settings on the action. The copy action is useful to allow the user to start a new record from a copy of an existing record.


  • Create a new Copy item/document action named "Copy Product".


  • Select Manual execution under Advanced Settings to make the action available in the Context Menu and the Ribbon
  • The button will be added both to the Ribbon Menu and to the dropdown Context Menu.
  • Choose an appropriate icon or upload your own custom icon which corresponds to the image shown in the user interface.
  • Enable the Confirm Execution option to prompt the user before committing the action.

  • Under Action Settings, Use ID = [ID] setting to apply the rule to the curret record.


The copy action is a good user facing function that adds helpful functionality. You may futher customize the resulting actions when a user triggers this event. Adding this custom action simplifies the process for the user.

Last modified: 10/7/2021 1:58 PM

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