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Infowise UltimateForms associated items field (part of the Associated Tasks feature) unlocks the door to relational tables so that you can develop tools that tie together multiple related lists of information. Mastering the use of this tool opens the doors to many new possibilities with SharePoint lists. At its core, the Infowise associated items field links two lists together in a many-to-one relationship. This is useful for such cases as:

  • An invoicing system where multiple line items need to be added to an individual invoice.
  • Any system where attachments need metadata beyond the default attachment feature.
  • A CRM system where multiple contacts need to be added to one company.
  • A quoting system where multiple products are added to one quote.

As you can see, associated items turn simple SharePoint lists into a relational database system that will simplify your business processes.

In this training we will cover the different methods of creating an associated item, explore when to use the different methods, provide an example implementation and dive into some advanced procedures such as re-assigning children items.

Last modified: 10/13/2021 5:18 PM

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