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A Range Column chart is useful in comparing many series of data side by side. WIth this chart, changing the 3D setting has a distinctyly different effect.

In this example, we compare the spending between departments on a year to year basis:


  • Begin by creating a new list that is appropriate for the chart type.
  • Create a list called Deparmental Spending.
  • Change the Title column to Year.
  • Add currency columns for Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Development, Customer Support and Administration.
  • Add test data as shown:

  • Create a new page Departental Spending Chart.
  • Add a Smart Chart web part as described in the Column Chart section.
  • Use a large size of 500px height and 700px width.
  • Choose the Range Column Chart type as shown.
  • Include each of the departments as a series in the chart.

  • Your chart output will look similar to above.
  • Try turning on the 3D setting for a dramatically different chart.


Range Column is a good choice when examining the values for many fields in a list over time. Making use of the 3D settings produces a dramatically different chart.

Last modified: 9/9/2017 11:05 PM

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