Check if field value changed

Use a condition to check whether a field has changed on record update.


  • Using the condition in either an email alert or smart action, check for a value change as shown. Add a condition:


Not all fields work the same

There are many SharePoint field types that each have their own unique characteristics. Always verify your setting to make sure that it works as expected.


This condition will only be triggered when the field value changes and not if it remains the same. It is often necessary to trigger an action based on a field value changing.

Last modified: 8/10/2015 1:15 PM
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Vladi Gubler [1/29/2016 2:49 PM]
Martin: that is true, the problem with rich text, is that the field will sometimes change the HTML of the content when you submit, even when you make no changes, plus the HTML value before and after the save event can look different, making the comparison dodgy.
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