What to Send

The What To Send configuration section matches the same functionality as the Smart Actions settings. The same concepts and rules apply. Email alerts can be thought of in the same way as Smart Actions because rules are configured using the same functionality.


  • Notice the General Settings and Condition settings from Smart Actions matches the What To Send settings:

  • The same concepts apply in each section.
  • First determine whether the rule and related conditions should be considered for Add, Modify and Delete.
  • Additionally you can add a trigger for the rule to happen based on a date configuration.
  • For example, the rule can be cofigured to run repeatedly on a schedule.
  • Consider an example:

  • The rule will always be run on a new record.
  • The rule will always be run when a record is edited.
  • The rule will run every 5 days after the Created date for 100 times. (This is the repeat limit.)
  • Based on the condition the rule will not ever run when the Due Date is less than or equal to the current date held in the Today variable.
  • Using a pattern like this, it is possible to configure a nag email that prompt users to take action with stalled records.
  • When setting conditions, be sure to understand the AND / OR operators as described in the Actions section.



What to Send rules closely match the functionality defined in Smart Actions. The conditions can help to restrict when alerts are triggered and ensure that email alerts are only sent based on specific conditions. Nag Emails are useful to set up when reminders need to be send out periodically especially for stalled requests.

Last modified: 8/30/2017 11:10 PM
19 comments [latest: 1/10/2018 5:30 PM]
Robin Millar [4/26/2017 4:58 AM]
What about text conditions e.g. Which of these should I use: Status = Closed Status = 'Closed' Status = "Closed" I have an alert based on date but as soon as I add a Condition it never sends out an alert... Cheers, Robin
Vladi Gubler [4/26/2017 2:00 PM]
Robin: Status equals Closed, no quotes. Check for differences in spelling and spaces.
Peter Richstein [5/3/2017 6:08 PM]
Is it possible to include more than one list item in one alert Mail when the items fullfill the Trigger condition (e.g. "expired") or do we have to send E-Mails for each list item? Thanks
Vladi Gubler [5/4/2017 9:19 PM]
Peter: you can send email as a daily or weekly summary, this way only one email will be delivered combining the alerts.
Peter Richstein [6/26/2017 12:06 PM]
Hello Team, I want to send an E-Mail on last Day of a month (to trigger the invoicing) each month before expiring date. I tried out several formulas, with no result. Example: Start Date 06/15/2017 Expiring date 08/31/2017. Therefore the E-Mail alert should run 06/30/2017;07/31/2017 and 08/31/2017. How to do this?? Is there a formula to calculate the Trigger date ("end of month") such as in Excel. I implemented also the dynamic today field (from IW Actions). Does this probably help for this Problem? I have no further idea. Thx for your advice.
Vladi Gubler [6/26/2017 2:17 PM]
Peter: you can use functions to fill in a date column and base your alert on that date column. You can calculate the first day of the last month of the invoice (using 1, the month and the year from the invoice using ToDate function), the use two AddDate functions to first add 1 month and then subtract 1 day.
Peter Richstein [8/15/2017 3:44 PM]
I have to create a bunch of alerts with about 6 to 10 conditions each, but only one of these conditions and the recepient is different. Is there a way to copy existing alerts like 'copy and paste'?
Vladi Gubler [8/15/2017 4:05 PM]
Peter: unfortunately no, there is no copy/paste capability for alerts.
Peter Richstein [8/16/2017 8:04 AM]
Could this be an upcoming Feature in UF?
Peter Richstein [9/8/2017 10:42 AM]
Hello Vladi, your description of the Formula for calculating the Month end date as of 6/26/2017 was very cryptic ;-). Can you please provide an example??
Will Cooper [9/8/2017 1:34 PM]
Hi Peter - in this situation a calculated field is your best bet. This formula will always give you the last date for the month stored in in "YOUR DATE FIELD": =DATE(YEAR([YOUR DATE FIELD]),MONTH([YOUR DATE FIELD])+1,1)-1 This calculates a date that is the next month, first day, then subtracts 1 day. You can reference the calculated field in Infowise Actions and Alerts as needed. More information about working with dates here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/bb862071(v=office.14).aspx
Peter Richstein [9/9/2017 2:52 PM]
It works, thx a lot; I only had to Change the "," to ";" due to the rules of the german Version.
Peter Richstein [10/10/2017 3:47 PM]
Hello Team, I have Problems to Trigger a nag email. The list has a calculated 'today' field. I also set up a calculated Trigger Field with the Day([Todayfield]) formula. The calculation works properly and the result is configured as 'number' Now I want to get an alert if the Trigger field is less or equal to "5", which should send the alert on the first five days of a month. In the 'what to send' section i only checked the 'according to date' functionality based on "created" date ; 1 day after date repeating 1 day 100 times. It doesn' t work at all. What am i doing wrong?
Vladi Gubler [10/10/2017 4:15 PM]
Peter: please open a support ticket and send screenshots of your settings, there is probably something within your conditions that doesn't pass.
Scott Giesbrecht [11/24/2017 7:02 PM]
How would you accomplish the following? Send a reminder email once a list item reaches the target date and completed = "no", send a follow up email 7 days later and still not completed, send a additional reminder in another 7 days and then continue sending each subsequent day.
Vladi Gubler [11/24/2017 7:05 PM]
Scott: According to date in column with 0 days after date with condition Completed = No. Add another alert for with 7 days after date with condition Completed = No with repeat 1 day up to X times
Sean-Jacob Peters [1/10/2018 5:00 PM]
Can I Set a condition to use LEN(0) on a particular field. In my case, I want to send the email when the Assigned to field is blank
Vladi Gubler [1/10/2018 5:30 PM]
Sean-Jacob: sure, just leave the value on the right of the condition empty
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