Update Action

The Update Action is by far the most used of the many action options. Use this type of action allows list fields to be treated as variables for each record. In this way, functionality can be programmed based on user or system updates to the list record. In this example, we'll change the information presented to the user based on a status field.


  • Create a Project Requirements field
  • Set the field as read only in the user interface.
  • Show the field on the first tab of the user interface.
  • Create and Update Action to change the value of Project Requirements based on the user Category selection.
  • Use a condition to trigger the update only when the user chooses Sales for Category.
  • Use the "ID = [ID]" rule to ensure that the update occurs only for the current record.
In Office 365 there are no action columns needed. The interface look slightly different as shown:


Update actions are used in many different ways in Infowise projects. This is the most common and the most versatile of actions.

Combine and chain together multiple update actions to create an interactive and dynamic project tool.

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Bob [8/3/2016 8:12 PM]
How do you combine and chain together multiple update actions to create an interactive and dynamic project tool?
Vladi Gubler [8/3/2016 8:36 PM]
Bob: sure, you can create as many actions as you need.
Toni [9/24/2016 1:42 PM]
I have a parent/child list set up using Associated Items (Product field)- my users need to see a single list with a separate row for each item in my child list (they don't want to have to click on the field to see the child entries). I was told to create an Update Action to copy information from the parent to the child for each row and cannot get it to work. I've added all of the parent columns to my child list, created an update action from parent to child using Parent Field Name = [Product]. Is this doable or is there another way to do this? In MS Access, I could just join the 2 tables and use an update query, need the same thing here. Thanks!
Vladi Gubler [9/27/2016 12:38 PM]
Toni: please contact our support. They can explain it in more detail with screenshot, it's not possible to do it here.
Derek Kent [2/14/2018 11:29 AM]
@Robert Johnson; Can you send am email to support@infowisesolutions.com detailing what you are trying to do. If possible, provide screenshots.
Comments are not designed to replace support calls. If you have a specific issue with one of our products, please send an email to support@infowisesolutions.com to open a support ticket.