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Funnel Chart

A Funnel Chart is often used to show a reductive process in which there are smaller quantities over the progression of a process. In particular this is useful for sales data. Consider this chart which indicates the progression from prospective customers to converted sales:


  • Begin by creating appropriate list data for a Funnel Chart.
  • Create a new custom list using Sales Stage, Index and Total columns.
  • Rename the Title column to Sales Stage for this list.
  • Add in some test data similar to below in which the values decrease for each successive record.

  • Create a new SharePoint wiki page called Sales Conversion Chart.
  • Add in a Smart Chart web part as described on the Column Chart page.
  • Set Sales Stage to be used for the Category.
  • Use the Total column with the Sum setting for the Series.
  • Use the Show Values option with this chart.


A Funnel Chart typically only fits a very specific type of data set. Consider this type of chart when demonstrating progression toward a goal via a process of elimination.

Last modified: 9/9/2017 10:53 PM

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