Instructor-Led Training

Hands-on training is the best way to get proficient. That's why we've created three unique training offerings which will help you master UltimateForms.

Our interactive sessions are delivered via web meetings and conducted within personal virtual workspaces.

Kick-Start Training

The perfect springboard for your initial acquaintance. No prior background with UltimateForms is required. This training session demonstrates the process of building a full custom solution. You will have the opportunity to learn all about the key UltimateForms features and get answers to all your questions. This training is pre-recorded and free-of-charge.

Foundation Training

This is an in-depth, five hours long, hands-on training session. This training is targeted at customers who are new to the product and want to ramp up quickly. The only requirement for this training is a familiarity with SharePoint. No technical experience needed.

Advanced Training

An advanced training targeted at organizations who have completed Foundation training and are ready for move forward. This training is particularly appropriate for SharePoint administrators, SharePoint developers and Infowise veterans who are already comfortable building solutions in SharePoint. This training is a technical deep dive exploring more advanced capabilities of the toolset.

With both hands-on training sessions, students will practice by building a practice project management solution. At the completion of the labs, each student will have built a working solution that incorporates key functionality using UltimateForms.

Training Type UltimateForms Kick-Start (UFK) UltimateForms Foundation (UFF) UltimateForms Advanced (UFA)
  • Basic familiarity with SharePoint
  • Basic familiarity with SharePoint
  • Basic familiarity with forms and lists.
  • Completion of UltimateForms Foundation training -OR-
  • Experienced SharePoint Administrator -OR-
  • Experienced SharePoint Developer -OR-
  • Significant experience developing with the UltimateForms product
Section 1
  • Site Prep
  • Make Help Desk Lists
  • Make Help Desk Lists Fields
  • Setting up an Associated Items List
  • Add and Configure Infowise Fields
  • Assign Fields to Tabs
  • Create a test record
  • Create auto-generated record ID
  • Permissions Configuration
  • Quiz and Discussion
  • Add Custom Lists and Document Libraries
  • Create Infowise Color Choice fields
  • Create Infowise Associated Item fields
  • Create Infowise Signature fields
  • Configure Infowise Tabs and tab permissions
  • Configure Infowise Advanced column permissions
  • Configure Infowise Content Types
  • Use Infowise Item IDs functionality
  • Add an Associated Items list to a Parent List.
  • Create cascading dropdown selections using the Connected lookup field.
  • Use Advanced Column Permissions to dynamically expand forms to request more required information according user field selections.
  • Security control content in the form using Advanced Column Permissions with SharePoint Security Groups.
  • Use Infowise Actions to dynamically create a project documents folder and a related link for better document management.
  • Use Infowise Actions to implement dynamic History Tracking functionality to log updates from users.
Section 2
  • Set Requestor to the current user
  • Restrict Permission for the New Form
  • Set the Due date to ticket creation date + 7
  • Test the Progress Bar
  • Force Help Agent and Category to be Assigned
  • Force Status to be updated
  • Clean up the dashboards
  • Check Associated Items Functionality
  • Set timer action to update Current Date field
  • Create History Logging
  • Configure Infowise Actions
  • Configure History Tracking
  • Configure a security controlled field
  • Configure automatic date tracking
  • Configure date tracking key performance indicators
  • Configure stalled approvals checking with dates
  • Use Calculated Fields
  • Configure Infowise Indicators
  • Configure Infowise Advanced Column Permissions Settings
  • Configure Infowise Column Validation Settings
  • Creating an advanced search page.
  • Setting Advanced Validation for the Infowise Signature Field.
  • Setting Advanced Validation using RegEx pattern matching.
  • Using default settings to prepopulate the current user.
  • Using default settings to auto-total values from other columns.
  • Using default settings to pass values between parent and child forms.
  • Automatically generate default records in a child list with actions.
  • Create a user facing action to automatically copy records.
  • Change item level permissions dynamically with actions.
  • Create a PDF report with actions and send it automatically to a local library.
  • Advanced Formulas Functionality – Date / Time Functions.
  • Advanced Formulas Functionality – SharePoint Functions.
  • Advanced Formulas Functionality – String Functions.
Section 3
  • Conditionally show and require a field
  • Add a dynamic formatted header
  • Add pop up help and change the theme
  • Use Fragments to insert extra content into the form
  • Set up an advanced search page
  • Email Alert Templates and Email Alert Rules
  • Configure email alert templates
  • Configure Infowise Email Alert Rules
  • Configure Infowise Calendar - Basic Setup
  • Configure Infowise Calendar - Hover functionality
  • Configure Infowise Calendar - Filter functionality
  • Configure Infowise Charts - Configure the web part
  • Configure Infowise Charts - Configuration settings
  • Add Navigation Links
  • Configure an LOB Field
  • Configure a Database Import
  • Form Design Basics
  • Including Custom CSS for advanced form customization
  • Creating a Dynamic Form Header
  • Insert an HTML Fragment using Tab Settings
  • Insert a Dynamic Process Diagram
  • Enabling Hover Help with HTML
  • Configuring Tabs to use Multi-Column Layouts
Section 4
  • Add a custom calendar page
  • Add a custom chart page
  • Create an item print template
  • Create a list print template
  • Create a calendar print template
  • Create a user facing action
  • Create a timer action
  • Infowise workflow best practices
  • Setting up workflow related fields
  • Workflow configuration through actions
  • Infowise Actions practice
  • Infowise Actions - General Settings
  • Infowise Actions - Advanced Settings
  • Infowise Actions - Action Settings
  • Infowise Actions - Conditions Settings
  • Infowise Tabs and Permissions – title bars
  • Infowise Print and Export Configuration
  • Preparing to Adjust the Form Design
  • Adjusting Form Labels
  • Adjusting the Form Border
  • Change the Font Style of the Tab Headers
  • Adjust Text Fields
  • Adjusting SharePoint People Picker Fields
  • Adjusting Dropdown Fields
  • Adjusting Date Fields
  • Adjusting Read Only Fields
  • Adjusting the Form Background
  • Advanced Chart Implementation
  • Advanced Print Formatting
Format Recorded one two-hour session.
Two two-and-a-half hours sessions. 5 hours total.
Web-based training via web meeting.
Two two-and-a-half hours sessions. 5 hours total.
Web-based training via web meeting.
Student Count Unlimited Up to 8 students total Up to 6 students total
Free of charge

Please contact Will Cooper (, Infowise Training Coordinator, for any additional questions or information related to training.