Job Application System in SharePoint

Successful organizations need skilled workers. An effective Job Application System is essential to building successful teams. Candidates should be able to apply directly through your public web site. Using Ultimate Forms, you can set up your own custom job application form in SharePoint that also appears on your public web site. Manage your applicants securely in SharePoint adding notes and working through the hiring process.

In our next webinar, we will demonstrate a complete applicant tracking system that you can set up in SharePoint to streamline your job application and hiring process.

  • Create your own custom job application form with any fields needed.
  • Include custom validation to collect required information.
  • Candidates can attach resume, cover letter and other files.
  • Custom confirmation screen when submitting application.
  • Include your own branding colors and logo.
  • Manage applicants in SharePoint using hiring stages and adding notes.
  • Send automatic email notifications to applicants with one click.

Join us to learn how to set up your own custom job application system using SharePoint!

October 19th, 2023, 11:00 AM Eastern
Aired: 14-Sep-2023 | Webinar |  Install | Description

Do you work in an organization with a mix of native languages? Do you have customers whose languages vary? Your SharePoint forms should provide translated content according to your user’s language.

Multi-language forms can be easy to set up using Ultimate Forms! In our next presentation, we will show how you can quickly add translated content so that each user will see the form in their own preferred language.

  • Start with your initial form layout.
  • Use simple translations function to add translated text.
  • Translate to as many languages as you need.
  • Translations can be used in headers, field labels, descriptions and more.
  • Each user will see a form with content completely in their own language.
  • Build your translations all in one form.
  • Translated forms can also be used on your public website.

Join us for our presentation to see our easy setup steps for your own multi-language forms in SharePoint!

Aired: 17-Aug-2023 | Webinar |  Install | Description

An easy-to-use Purchase Order System is a vital need for any business. 3rd party Purchase Order systems can be expensive and don't accommodate all your organization's needs. What if you were to set up your own Purchase Order System using SharePoint?

Please join us to see how easy it is to set up a simple but flexible Purchase Oder system in SharePoint using Ultimate Forms. Set everything up using no code. We'll show you how easy it is to maintain vendors and purchase order approvals, automate Vendor communications and manage updates.

  • Create an easy to maintain vendor lookup list.
  • Create a simple purchase order approval form for internal use.
  • Add line-item details to purchase orders.
  • Collect approvals from users with simple click to approve.
  • Prompt users with automatic email notifications.
  • Auto generate PDF purchase orders to send to suppliers.
  • Sort and filter records using dashboard views.

Join us for our presentation to see how easy it can be to setup your own Purchase Order Approval system in SharePoint!

Aired: 20-Jul-2023 | Webinar |  Install | Description

In modern SharePoint sites, there are exciting new ways to make forms fully dynamic.

A dynamic form guides the user by providing a changing interface that responds to user interaction. What used to require custom programming can now be done through easy-to-understand configuration using Ultimate Forms.

Dynamic forms are a new way to think about SharePoint forms centered on creating positive user interaction and emphasizing progress. In our next presentation, you will learn these key concepts:

  • Create step-by-step interaction.
  • Use background highlighting to show which fields remain.
  • Prefill key data automatically.
  • Provide inline help instructions.
  • Display form sections progressively instead of all at once.
  • Use input masking and autocomplete to ensure accurate data.
  • Provide real-time validation to immediately correct mistakes.
  • Show progress bar to show user they are on track.

If you are ready to move away from static forms to fully dynamic forms, please join us for our next webinar!

Aired: 22-Jun-2023 | Webinar | Description

When building forms, it is usually the case that we use SharePoint lists to store form data. How can you build custom forms that work with other external data sources?

Ultimate Forms includes the ability to connect to external data sources and build custom forms that connect with with that data directly. This lets you use the awesome Ultimate Forms form building tools and update your own data sources directly from SharePoint.

Your SharePoint environment can become a hub for custom forms across multiple data sources such as  SQL DB, Oracle DB, MySQL DB, Salesforce, Zendesk and many more. Join us for our next webinar where we will demonstrate these key concepts:

  • Set up a data connection to data outside of SharePoint.
  • Connect custom forms to your data.
  • Display your form embedded in SharePoint OR on your public web site.
  • View your external data tables with a custom rollup web part.
  • Manage multiple data sources all from one SharePoint environment.

If you want to learn easier ways to connect to external data sources from SharePoint, be sure to sign up for this webinar!

Aired: 18-May-2023 | Webinar |  Install | Description

Are you missing out on key functionality that can be used to managed documents in SharePoint?

Join us for our next webinar where we demonstrate using Ultimate Forms software for  advanced document management features that improve SharePoint document libraries.

Many organizations have tens of thousands of documents that are being managed in SharePoint. If libraries aren’t managed well, documents become hard to locate and your libraries become a mess.

We’ll demonstrate how to use additional key features in our session:

  • Sort and filter using document categories
  • Advanced Search capabilities
  • Document Tagging for improved search results
  • Document thumbnail previews
  • Visual user interface for easy navigation
  • Centralized dashboard for all users
  • Rollup view to consolidate search across libraries
  • Color coded folders and large document icon views
  • Custom form for document properties management
Aired: 20-Apr-2023 | Webinar |  Install | Description

Work isn’t confined to desks. 99% of users interact with mobile devices every hour. It isn’t enough to build solutions for computer screens. We need the ability to provide phone friendly forms that allow users to make updates from the car, from the job site or anywhere by using their phones.

What’s the best way to make mobile friendly forms without any hassle? Ultimate Forms provides a simple no-code form interface that allows you to set up custom forms in minutes.

These forms automatically adapt to the screen by using responsive design. The form layout and fields adapt to look their best whether on a small screen or full-size screen. Users can take advantage of the ability to take pictures with their phone with only a few taps. In our next webinar:

  • Mobile friendly form building
  • No custom code
  • Forms that adapt to the screen size
  • Automatically load pictures from camera
  • Simple phone friendly interface
  • Complete mobile solutions using SharePoint Online
Aired: 16-Mar-2023 | Webinar |  Install | Description

SharePoint is missing tools to produce custom documents such as invoices, purchase orders or quotes from lists. We need a way to automatically produce documents based on processes that we do in SharePoint.

We also need to be able to create print templates in an easy and intuitive manner. For most of us, creating a print template using Microsoft Word is the simplest option. But how do we connect that with SharePoint and handle repeating tables?

In our next webinar, we’ll show how you can create your own custom Microsoft Word print templates, have those automatically converted to PDF and even automatically emailed to customers. All done with a simple and easy to understand process! We’ll cover these key concepts:

  • Create Microsoft Word print templates
  • Connect your templates to SharePoint lists
  • Build repeating tables for line items
  • Automatically get line items totals
  • Automated conversion from doc to PDF
  • Email output to customers with the automatically
Aired: 16-Feb-2023 | Webinar | Description

Leave Tracking is an important function of the work environment. We need to be able to schedule time off and be aware when team members are going to be out.

Every organization should have a simple and easy to use system to request time off and allow resource planning through a leave tracking grid. SharePoint provides the perfect environment to host a Leave Tracking tool that you can set up yourself.

In our next presentation, we’ll show a simple Leave Tracking Solution that incorporates key features which will allow your team to coordinate leave requests and to show a composite leave schedule in an easy-to-understand Gantt chart view. In our presentation we’ll show a solution with these key features:

  • Simple custom form data entry
  • Automatic tracking of leave totals
  • Composite schedule to view when team members are out
  • Auto generated email notifications
  • Request and approval system
  • KPI indicators to show used vacation / remaining vacation
  • Custom leave tracking Gantt chart view
  • One stop dashboard to check current leave status

Sign up for our presentation to see all features in this solution.  We will provide a free downloadable template to webinar attendees.

Aired: 19-Jan-2023 | Webinar |  Install | Description

It is common to use videos for learning and knowledge transfer especially with a large amount of web meetings taking place. SharePoint is used heavily for document management. SharePoint is also great for managing video libraries for training, meeting recordings and important announcements.

Infowise Ultimate Forms allows you to incorporate key requirements when it comes to managing videos. Now you can capture and share important videos with employees using an intuitive interface.

In our next webinar, we will demonstrate how you can set up a video library including all the feature you need to ensure a user-friendly experience:

  • Upload videos easily to a user-friendly dashboard
  • Automatically trigger emails to notify users
  • Include formatted video description
  • Allow users to share videos easily
  • Allow user feedback including questions and comments
  • Link to related videos
  • Set expiration date ensuring current videos gain focus
  • Organized your videos in categories for easy filter and search
Aired: 17-Nov-2022 | Webinar |  Install | Description

Most forms are not engaging. Out-of-the-box SharePoint simply presents a list of fields displayed vertically without engaging the user. This leads to a poor user experience, incomplete or inaccurate information and bad results.

Infowise Ultimate Forms provides an easy-to-use form designer that lets you build interactive guided forms that engage the user by asking simple questions and displaying relevant guided information along the way.

Guided forms help the user by responding to selections during form entry. This allows you to ask only relevant questions and point the user in the appropriate direction. Instead of overwhelming the user with a long list of fields displayed all at once, you can display questions one at a time making for a more focused user experience.

In our next webinar, we will demonstrate how to make interactive guided forms in SharePoint using these key concepts:

  • Interact with the user one question at a time
  • Provide simple answer buttons
  • Provide focused inputs along with contextual information
  • Handle multiple situations with branching logic
  • Build dynamic form rules with simple configuration and no programming required
  • Use visual cues such as a progress bar to encourage the user

Sign up for our presentation to see all the great features of our Form Designer tool.  You can download our free trial as well as the demonstrated template to try the solution for yourself.

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