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Coordinating a schedule with employees is a critical need for every organization. Most of the time it is easiest to use Outlook, but this doesn’t address broader scheduling needs. What if you want to provide a calendar visible to your whole organization? A calendar in SharePoint would be great, but the out-of-the-box SharePoint calendar options are too limited.

In our next webinar, we’ll look at a comprehensive SharePoint calendar solution incorporating many features not normally available in SharePoint. This solution includes these key features:

  • Search and filter capabilities
  • Organize events by categories
  • Color code events and use icons
  • Set up reoccurring events
  • Multiple views including day / week / month / Gantt
  • Automatic email notification reminders
  • Hover cards with detailed event information
  • Modern interface and features

Sign up for our presentation to see all features in this solution.  We will provide a free downloadable template to webinar attendees.

July 14th, 2022, 11:00 AM Eastern
Aired: 09-Jun-2022 | Webinar | Description

Vacation tracking is an important function of the work environment. We need to be able to plan our own vacation time and be aware when other team members are going to be out.

Every organization should have a simple and easy system to track vacation scheduling for all team members. SharePoint provides the perfect environment to host a Vacation Tracking tool that you can set up yourself.

In our next presentation, we’ll show a simple Vacation Tracking Solution that incorporates key features to all your team to plan vacation time and to show a composite vacation schedule. In our presentation we’ll show a solution with these key features:

  • Simple custom form data entry
  • Automatic tracking of vacation totals
  • Composite schedule to view when team members are on vacation
  • Auto generated email notifications
  • Request and approval system
  • KPI indicators to show used vacation / remaining vacation
  • Custom calendar views
  • One stop dashboard to check current vacation status

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Aired: 12-May-2022 | Webinar | Description

Task Management is vital to every organization. We must manage and prioritize work through task management. There are many tools to create tasks, but these tools don’t get widespread user adoption. For a task management tool to work great, it must be simple to use and have a great interface.

Task Management must be streamlined so that everyone understands and uses it consistently.

In our next presentation, we’ll demonstrate a dynamic Task Management System for SharePoint that allows you to manage tasks easily in a compelling visual interface. Our system includes these important features:

  • Create project task lists in an easy-to-use dynamic form
  • Assign tasks to team members quickly
  • Track progress on completed tasks
  • Visual indicators showing progress on task completion
  • Email notifications for task assignments and reminders
  • Assign task list owner for managing work
  • Simple list view checklist for high level management
  • Detailed custom form for precision task management including priorities, task assignments and due dates.

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Aired: 07-Apr-2022 | Webinar | Description

Approvals are a common process for every organization. Team members need to review and approve before critical actions take place. SharePoint is the perfect place to manage approvals and provide status on key processes. In our next session, we will show a Dynamic Approval System which allows you to easily track your approval process and coordinate on key business decisions.

Our system incorporates key functionality including:

  • Use dynamic number of approvals according to data such cost
  • Automatic history tracking to record who approves and when
  • Email notifications to prompt for approvals and remind approvers when stalled
  • Electronic signature to manage sign off process
  • Approval dashboard with status tracking and KPI indicators
  • Embedded instruction and pop-up help to guide approvers
  • Dynamic form interface that changes according to progress

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Aired: 24-Mar-2022 | Webinar | Description

Let’s help your organization build a high-performance culture through effective performance management. We will be presenting this premium solution, tailor-made to ensure the success of your business.

  • Performance Review - manage employee performance, measure their overall contribution and acquire powerful insights that help you create a plan of action
  • Goal Setting - set SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound goals and provide ongoing expectations and feedback on all key performance indicators
  • Culture & Values - leverage the powerful app modules to develop and maintain robust and high-performance culture and shared values across your enterprise
  • Customization - we include 25 hrs of consulting with each purchase to customize the solution to your needs

Join our webinar as we present the solution and show you how your business can benefit by structuring and streamlining the performance review business processes.

Aired: 10-Mar-2022 | Webinar | Description

Tracking and managing workplace safety is essential. Incidents must be reported immediately, and appropriate follow actions are a must. Every organization should provide an easy-to-use safety report system in which all employees can report incidents and be proactive in identifying risks.

Follow up actions must be identified and tracked to ensure the safest possible workplace.

If your current safety tracking system is lacking, attend our presentation to see how you can get your own system with these key features:

  • Simple form to immediately report workplace incidents.
  • Smart notification system to route information to managers.
  • Automatic follow up action assignments with tracking.
  • KPI indicators and scoring system to monitor progress.
  • Smart image upload system with hover image feature to capture key visuals of problem areas.
  • Escalation system to address unresolved safety issues.

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Aired: 10-Feb-2022 | Webinar | Description

Time tracking is a common need for almost every organization. We need a way to track work, manage employees, and invoice customers. With SharePoint and Ultimate Forms you an easily set up your own customizable Time Tracking System which incorporates several key features.

In our next webinar we will demonstrate a comprehensive Time Tracking System that includes:

  • Weekly timesheets with line items
  • Dashboard views with progress bars and summary totals
  • Reminder with auto-submit at the end of the week
  • Auto-generated weekly timesheets for each employee
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Personalized dashboards for each team member
  • Reporting by category or customer with PDF output

Sign up for our next webinar to see a demonstration of how this solution works.  We’ll provide a free downloadable template after the presentation.

Aired: 13-Jan-2022 | Webinar | Description

Forms are at the center of modern business processes. The need for advanced forms functionality is critical. Unfortunately, out-of-the-box SharePoint forms are basic. How can you get the advanced functionality you need? Ultimate Forms is a comprehensive toolkit which allows you to build fully dynamic forms.

In our next webinar, we will examine how to create dynamic SharePoint forms that incorporate all key functionality:

  • Expandable form sections based on user input
  • Conditionally control content display based on status, user role or user inputs
  • Set up cascading dropdown controls to show filtered options
  • Auto-fill form fields streamlining form updates
  • Embed formatted help sections to guide users
  • Create custom validation rules for every scenario
  • Control the form design easily with simple-to-use options
  • Set up forms with easy configuration and NO CUSTOM CODE

Sign up for our next webinar to see a demonstration of how Ultimate Forms works.  We’ll provide a free downloadable template after the presentation.

Aired: 11-Nov-2021 | Webinar | Description

Every organization has assets should be tracked. In many cases, assets are not tracked for lack of a fast and simple tracking system. With SharePoint and Ultimate Forms, you can quickly set up your own Asset Tracking System in SharePoint. This system can be mobile friendly allowing users to make quick updates using a cell phone.

In our next webinar, we’ll show an Asset Tracking System in SharePoint which is easy to set up, easy to use and incorporates key functionality:

  • Track key data including Asset Name, ID, Category, Location, Status, Quantity, User, Make, Model, Serial Number and Purchase Date.
  • Use simple picture upload to show images for all assets.
  • Use QR Code functionality to allow items to be tagged and scanned from phones.
  • Send automatic email updates after changes.
  • Tap into advanced search capabilities.
  • Access filtered views sorted by category, location, users and more.

Sign up for our next webinar to see how this awesome tracking system works! We’ll provide a free downloadable template after the presentation.

Aired: 14-Oct-2021 | Webinar | Description

Web forms are at the center of almost every organization’s standard work processes. Forms are the key interface we use to collaborate with our team. Because we spend so much time using forms, it is essential to make forms as effective as possible.

There are a lot of BAD forms out there. As customers we all experience the frustration filling out forms that are are inefficient, annoying, and just plain wrong.

In SharePoint, it is possible to create modern dynamic forms that are user friendly and look just the way you want using Ultimate Forms. It’s possible to make forms that people like using!

In our next webinar we’ll examine ten key form design skills that you can use to make your SharePoint forms awesome:

  • Learn the no code strategy to form design
  • Learn how to build fast any easy with no slow downs
  • Make forms that change real time according to user inputs
  • Use dynamic controls for a better user experience
  • Guide your users with embedded help and pictures
  • Build forms for cell phone users

Sign up for our webinar to learn how to make your SharePoint forms awesome!

Aired: 16-Sep-2021 | Webinar | Description

We’re all familiar with using support ticketing systems. Fill out a form to report an issue and then a support agent works on your request. You get emails when there are updates or questions and then hopefully the issue is soon resolved.

These days, your organization should do better. Help requests fall into patterns. That is to say that similar issues tend to repeat. In many cases these issues can be resolved by providing simple steps to resolve the problem. When an issue is being reported, you should automatically provide information which may resolve the issue.

By creating a knowledge base of information and resolution for common requests, you can reduce support tickets and increase efficiency.

We’ll show how you can set up your own Guided Support System with these key features:

  • Dynamically prompt the user with information related to request before it is submitted
  • Allow users to alternative resolution path instead of creating unnecessary tickets.
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate wasted time on repeat issues
  • Easy to maintain knowledge base to address common issues
  • Steer your users to a solution without wasting any time

Sign up for our webinar to learn how you can easily incorporate a Guided Support System into your own SharePoint support process.

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