Customer Support System in SharePoint

What is your process for providing support to customers? What does your support form look like? Do you have a dynamic system to handle requests from your customers, route the request and automatically handle follow ups? Would like to use your SharePoint platform to handle these requests?

Join us for our next presentation showing how to set up your own solution including a public facing customer support form.

This system incorporates these key features:

  • Simple easy-to-use form for customer support requests
  • Assign support ticket to responsible employee
  • Use status tracking and update functions
  • Automatic email updates to customer and employees
  • Dynamic dashboards to check ticket status
  • Ensure excellent customer service and communication

Sign up for our presentation to see just how easy it is to set up your own Customer Support System using SharePoint and Ultimate Forms.

July 15th, 2021, 11:00 AM Eastern
Aired: 17-Jun-2021 | Webinar | Description

Does your organization conduct regular performance reviews?
Is your current process not working?

In our next webinar, we will demonstrate how you can build a smart and easy-to-use system that works!

We will demonstrate an Employee Review System built in SharePoint with these key features:

  • Automatically schedule reviews for each employee
  • Visual dashboard management
  • Progress indicators and KPI flags
  • Automated email reminders and follow up
  • Streamlined workflow process
  • Goal planning and accomplishments
  • Customized PDF report output

We will show how you can set up your own employee review system in SharePoint. Revamp your process with a streamlined approach. Sign up for our session today!

Aired: 20-May-2021 | Webinar | Description

How does your organization handle the process for onboarding new employees?

Would you like a simple and easy to use solution for adding new team members?

SharePoint is a great platform to host an Onboarding Solution. We will demonstrate how to create an automated system with two key interfaces. One for New Employees and another for Team Members. Features include:

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Flexible task management
  • Dashboards with key progress indicators
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Easy to understand step by step process

Sign up for this webinar to discover how to set up your own dynamic onboarding system in SharePoint!

Aired: 15-Apr-2021 | Webinar | Description

Microsoft Teams is a top-notch application for collaboration. Teams offers a platform to share information from many sources including SharePoint. Building comprehensive custom solutions in Teams requires using custom forms and custom workflow which are not built directly into the platform.

In our next presentation, guest speakers Jose Zaldivar and Mark Crosby with Eureka iTech will walk through a case study demonstrating a full Teams-oriented solution. They will demonstrate using Ultimate Forms with the SharePoint and Teams platforms to build a compelling and comprehensive solution.

We will demonstrate these key concepts:

  • Build custom forms and workflow without any code.
  • Integrate forms into the Teams user interface.
  • Use Ultimate Forms web parts to add features and accessibility.
  • Review of a real-world business solution.

Sign up for our next webinar to discover how to take your use of Teams to the next level!

Aired: 18-Mar-2021 | Webinar | Description

Every organization needs a way to post job opportunities and receive applicants. There must be tracking for interviews, offers and hiring. There are several steps in the process of evaluating new applicants.

Many organizations use expensive 3rd party software to manage the process. With Ultimate Forms, you can build your own comprehensive system customized to match your own requirements. Best of all, you can do it all in SharePoint!

In our webinar we will demonstrate how you can build your own ATS with key features including:

  • Build your own custom application form in SharePoint
  • Embed your application form in your public web site
  • Automate email notifications and follow up
  • Route your applicants through stages in the hiring process
  • Organize your applicants through customized dashboards
  • Show progress bar and key performance indicators
  • Show detailed history tracking of all key steps

Sign up for our next webinar to learn how you can make your own SharePoint applicant tracking system!

Aired: 18-Feb-2021 | Webinar | Description

Email notifications have less impact these days. There is just too much email. We need a better call to action in SharePoint solutions. SMS texting is the answer to that problem. Users see texts immediately and are likely to respond immediately.

In our next webinar, we will show how to trigger text messages to users calling for a simple response. We will show how to listen for the response in SharePoint and set up a chain of actions accordingly.

This approach can help solve problems with your current SharePoint solutions. By providing a simple attention getting method for response, you can minimize stalled approvals, optimize efficiency, and improve the user experience.

In our presentation, we will demonstrate these concepts:

  • Trigger SMS text notifications from a SharePoint form
  • Prompt users for a simple response in the text message
  • Set up a “listener” to receive user text response
  • Set up branching workflow logic based on user response
  • Track response time and updates
  • Ensure text notifications are sent as expected
  • Track results with dashboards and a visual interface

Come join us as we demonstrate using SMS Texting in our next presentation!

Aired: 21-Jan-2021 | Webinar | Description

Workflow is the machinery behind SharePoint forms. Getting good at workflow is essential in building comprehensive SharePoint solutions.

In the past this was a struggle, especially when using out-of-the-box tools. With Ultimate Forms and Power Automate we now have much better options.

In our next webinar, we’ll present essential workflow methods that you can use in your SharePoint solutions:

  • Incorporate a Process Diagram
  • The essential use of Status
  • User facing workflow buttons
  • Advanced history tracking showing workflow events
  • Combining Ultimate Forms Actions and Power Automate Flows
  • Use validation checks with workflow
  • Use scheduled workflow
  • Verify workflow through logging
  • Trigger batch workflows
  • Chain workflows together

Come join us as we demonstrate these useful workflow skills in our next presentation!

Aired: 19-Nov-2020 | Webinar | Description

Working with documents in SharePoint can be a bit plain vanilla. It works fine, but what if you want something more? Like a visual user interface including advanced search and filter options?

With Ultimate Forms, you can take your Document Management System to the next level by adding features and a polished user interface. In our next webinar, we’ll show how to upgrade to a solution with these features:

  • Sort and filter by document categories
  • Tag documents for easy search results
  • Show document thumbnail file preview
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Add metadata to improve document management
  • Centralized dashboard for easy navigation
  • Rollup view to consolidate search across libraries

After our presentation, we’ll provide the solution as a free template which you can set up in your own SharePoint!

Aired: 22-Oct-2020 | Workshop | Description

Expense reports are a required process in just about every organization. Sadly, we all get frustrated with tracking, submitting and approving expenses. It doesn’t seem very efficient. Until now!

Please join us for an interactive workshop where we will build an expense tracking system designed for ease of use and optimized for mobile devices. The system is built entirely in SharePoint, but lets users enter expenses on phones real time with just a few taps on the screen. This system includes these key features:

  • Take pictures of receipts with your phone camera.
  • Fast expense line item entry.
  • Automatic expense rollup totals.
  • Simple submission and approval process.
  • Automated PDF report generation.
  • Custom admin and user dashboards

We will build our system from scratch so you can see all the key steps and do it yourself.

Aired: 15-Oct-2020 | Webinar | Description

Leave requests should be easy. It’s easy to describe and it should be easy to use. Employees are allotted vacation. They request time off. Vacation is approved. Dashboards show used and remaining days.

With the SharePoint tool Infowise Ultimate Forms, you can easily build your own system or install our free template. In our next webinar we’ll demonstrate a Leave Request System with these key features:

  • Request time off in central dashboard
  • Simple time off approval by manager
  • Progress bar for available / remaining time
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Admin dashboard with reporting
  • Personalized “My Time Off” dashboard

After our presentation, we’ll be providing the demonstrated solution as a free template which you can download and use in your own environment!

Aired: 17-Sep-2020 | Webinar | Description

Every organization needs a training plan and an efficient way to track training. SharePoint is the perfect platform for your own custom-built Learning Management System (LMS). Providing a centralized hub where all employees can access training information is essential as a part of your communication and collaboration with employees.

Please join us as we demonstrate how to build a system to incorporate key features:

  • Personalized dashboard for each user
  • Progress bars and assignments tracking
  • Functionality for students, teachers and admins
  • Auto-generated email notifications and reminders
  • Store training content including videos and documents
  • Set up test questions and track performance related to content
  • Set up courses and schedules for each student

After the webinar, you can download the solution and try it yourself!

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