Aired: 18-Jul-2019 | Webinar | Description

Do your people borrow things like equipment, projectors or spare laptops and then forget to put them back? Are you having trouble finding equipment because it wasn’t returned?

Let us show you a simple and flexible checkout system approach using standard SharePoint lists combined with easy to use features from Ultimate Forms.

We’ll highlight these features:

  • Visual reservation calendar to see availability at a glance
  • A user-friendly sign-out form
  • Automatic email reminders for overdue items
  • Easy to read dashboard for activity summary

We'll show you how to build this fast and easy with no coding required!

Aired: 20-Jun-2019 | Webinar | Description

Data visualization makes your SharePoint sites more impactful for your users.

Conditional formatting, icons, progress bars, key performance indicators, count down timers and charts are powerful ways to make your site stand out.

In our presentation, we’ll show how to easily implement these features with Infowise Ultimate Forms with no programming required.

We’ll cover these topics:

  • Show progress with a colored progress bars
  • Grab attention with KPI flags to show “good” and “bad” conditions
  • Add in a chart to help users see overall status
  • Make your boring SharePoint choice field stand out with icons or colored backgrounds
  • Set a dynamic countdown timer to show time until deadline

Please join us as show some great looking dashboards that change your boring SharePoint list view to a visually compelling dashboard.

Aired: 10-May-2019 | Webinar | Description

Meetings are a continuous and essential part of our day-to-day work.
Tracking and keeping your meetings organized is vital.
You need a way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
A modern SharePoint site and Infowise Ultimate Forms are the perfect platform to get it done.

In our next session, we'll demonstrate:

  • Build your own Meeting Manager tool with no custom code.
  • Add attendees and manage scheduling.
  • Load meeting recordings and share.
  • Take notes and assign tasks to attendees during and after meeting.
  • Auto generate email reminders and follow ups.
  • Incorporate visual management to highlight key meetings and actions.
  • Schedule room locations for meetings.
  • Provide a dashboard with easy filter and sort.

We'll show you how to build the functionality with no programming required!

Aired: 18-Apr-2019 | Workshop | Description

The Chart features in Infowise Ultimate Forms give you the opportunity to create information-rich illustrations without needing to export data. In this workshop, we'll take a deep dive into Infowise Charts, specifically using the O365 web part.

During the session, we'll build some of the most popular and useful chart types from scratch and examine the ins and outs of configuring them.

Aired: 12-Apr-2019 | Webinar | Description

There is a lot of excitement around building modern user interfaces in SharePoint. Unfortunately, building forms is a big headache without the right approach. Do you want to be able to easily build fully customized forms? Do you want to build using a visual interface using no custom code?

We have a very exciting newly upgraded visual form building tool for you!

In our next session, we'll demonstrate:

- Our BRAND NEW dynamic Form Designer
- Using a flexible and dynamic form building process
- Explicitly control field layout in multiple columns
- Comprehensive forms building interface with amazing capabilities
- A huge array of customization options to handle any situation

Whether you already use Infowise Ultimate Forms or are considering getting started, this session should not be missed!

Aired: 14-Mar-2019 | Webinar | Description

The Chart features in Infowise Ultimate Forms give you the opportunity to create information-rich illustrations without needing to import and export data. In this webinar, we'll look at some of the most popular and useful chart types.

If you want to see how adding charts can enhance both SharePoint site aesthetics and usefulness, please join us for this session.

Aired: 15-Feb-2019 | Webinar | Description

Do you have an old school expense report process?
Would you like to make it easy and automated in SharePoint?
We will show you how to build your own automated system with NO CUSTOM CODE. The system includes these features and more:

  • Automated approval
  • Automatic notifications
  • Simple and easy submission
  • Dynamically updated totals
  • Centralized reports and dashboards with visual management

Please join us as we explore a better way to do expense reports using SharePoint and Ultimate Forms.

Aired: 25-Jan-2019 | Workshop | Description

Visualizing your work process is a vital part of building business solutions. Incorporating your process into a SharePoint Solution can be done using a dynamic process diagram and corresponding workflow.

Out-of-the-box SharePoint provides no way to accomplish these requirements. Writing your own custom code would be a complicated and time-consuming process.

In this workshop we’ll start from scratch and show you how you can build this kind of solution with no custom code.

Please join us as we show you how you can build your own custom solution using Visual Workflow following a comprehensive step-by-step process.

Aired: 17-Jan-2019 | Webinar | Description

It’s hard to manage employee requests for time off without having a system and process to support it.
With Infowise Ultimate Forms, you can build your own request system directly in SharePoint.

We'll demonstrate a system where:

  • Employees easily submit requests
  • Managers can approve or decline
  • Dashboards show totals with time used, remaining time off, and more!

Use Infowise Ultimate Forms to create this solution in SharePoint without any coding required!
Join us for a walk-through and learn just how easy it is.

Aired: 16-Nov-2018 | Webinar | Description

Onboarding is a key moment in a new employee’s overall experience. You can make that moment count by using Infowise Ultimate Forms to build an automated onboarding solution.

This solution will give hiring managers and HR the ability to simply stage needed resources, contacts, and links for new employees – even create a personalized portal.

Join us for a walk-through of this solution, and learn just how easy it is to use Infowise Ultimate Forms to create a process that will fit your needs, without using any custom code!

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