Building SharePoint Solutions for the World Health Crisis

The current world health crisis is demanding immediate action. Companies need to move fast and make changes without having a lot of time and money to waste. Ultimate Forms gives them that capability, making it possible for non-developers to come up with robust solutions, fast and without a lot of time for elaborate planning.

In our next webinar, we’ll give an overview of how you can use Ultimate Forms for things like creating rapid employee and customer communication programs, implementing easy project tracking, building workflows with alerts to make sure work doesn't get dropped, and more.

April 23, 2020, 11:00 AM Eastern
Aired: 20-Mar-2020 | Webinar | Description

From smart phones to smart homes, the way that we go about our daily life has become closely integrated with technology. This automation streamlines activities and performs actions with simple user input.

So too has SharePoint automation evolved to facilitate business processes. Ultimate Forms Actions have long been at the heart of how we build SharePoint solutions. These actions allow users to set up processes based on simple triggers or scheduled without using any custom code.

Microsoft has made a big impact with the evolution of Power Automate (formerly called Flow).

Both tool sets have distinct advantages when building automated solutions.

Power Automate is more developer oriented while providing broad possibilities to integrate with other web-based platforms. Ultimate Forms Actions provide an easy and intuitive approach especially adept at automating activities inside of SharePoint.

What’s great is that these toolsets can be combined to build full featured solutions that are otherwise not possible!

Please join us for our next presentation where we show a powerful business solution combining the functionality of Power Automate with Ultimate Forms Actions.

Aired: 20-Feb-2020 | Webinar | Description

When it comes to augmenting out-of-box SharePoint, Ultimate Forms provides a real boost. With no-code, menu-driven tools, Ultimate Forms adds functionality that turns a plain site into a robust business solution.

In this webinar, we’ll use a combination of SharePoint and Ultimate Forms tools to create a project tracking system. First of all, we’ll build out an Associated list structure that allows up to keep our projects and their related tasks together. Then, customized forms will provide better ways to capture information, while the Ultimate Forms list search will help you find the information you need, dynamically, and without the need to construct multiple list views.

Project calendars and alert notifications will help keep the project on track. And, finally, we’ll tie it all together with a ramped-up homepage that gets your users where they need to be, fast!

We hope you’ll join us as we demonstrate this SharePoint solution!

Aired: 17-Jan-2020 | Webinar | Description

You already use a document approval process, but does it work the way you want? Would you like to define your own system instead of making do with something that is just okay? Would you like to know what it would take to make your own approval system that follows your process?

In our presentation, we will show how to build a dynamic document approval system that can adapt to your own process and requirements. We will be covering several important concepts:

  • Custom approval form set up using drag-and-drop form builder
  • Custom dashboard setup including progress bar and count down indicators
  • Ability to choose from one or many documents per approval request
  • Automatic email triggers to prompt approvers and provide reminders
  • Visual indicators to indicate completed approvals with date time stamp

After our presentation, we’ll provide access to a free pre-built solution which you can download and install in your own environment the same day.

Aired: 15-Nov-2019 | Webinar | Description

Does your organization have a process for approving major expenditures?
Is your current system lacking in features and functionality?
Please join us for our presentation which shows how to build your own system in SharePoint.
Our solution will include these key features:

  • Easily define and request approval for expenses
  • Sequential process for multiple approvers
  • Visual dashboard management
  • Colored indicators and KPIs
  • Automatic email reminders and follow ups
  • Automatic summary totals for total spending
  • PDF report output for polished record keeping

Come join us as we demonstrate how to build this solution with NO CODE.
A full template of this solution will be provided free after the seminar!

Aired: 24-Oct-2019 | Workshop | Description

In many organizations, hundreds of new sites must be created each year.
This can be a time consuming process that is a hassle to manage.

The creation of new sites can be automated using Site and List Templates along with Ultimate Forms Actions.
A chain of configuration steps can be set up to run automatically based on simple triggers.

Learn how to use Ultimate Forms to create an end-to-end provisioning process – starting with users submitting their request until the automated message providing a link to their newly ready site. This workshop will touch on forms, permissions, actions, alerts, and more.

Aired: 18-Oct-2019 | Webinar | Description

How do you build custom forms quickly in SharePoint? There is not a way to do custom forms quickly in out-of-the-box SharePoint. In this presentation we’ll show you an easy-to-use Form Designer tool which you can add to SharePoint which allows you to build custom forms fast and easy in a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Demonstration of building a custom SharePoint form using a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Start to finish form building in only a few minutes
  • Examples of simple “look and feel” settings to make your form look nice
  • Customization with NO CODE
  • A fast and easy solution to custom forms in SharePoint

Office 365 customers can now install the website used in the webinar with a single click through Ultimate Forms app.

Aired: 20-Sep-2019 | Webinar | Description

SharePoint is a great tool for managing documents but those documents get spread out across many locations. It can be a headache finding documents once there are hundreds of document libraries and sites. And variation in security settings makes accessing documents even more complicated.

How can we make a document search tool that accesses documents across SharePoint?

With Ultimate Forms, we can build rollup views of documents aggregating information from many locations. Combining this functionality with built-in filters lets users get to their documents easily. All of this is simple to do using Ultimate Forms.

Come join us as we show how to create this solution with no custom code!

Aired: 16-Aug-2019 | Webinar | Description

Does your organization conduct regular performance reviews for employees?
Is your current process lacking in features and functionality?
Come join us as we demonstrate how to build your own system in SharePoint.
Our system will include these key features:

  • Automatically schedule reviews for each employee
  • Visual dashboard management
  • Colored status and progress indicators
  • Automatic email reminders and follow up
  • Streamlined entry of review information
  • Goal planning and accomplishments
  • PDF report output for polished record keeping

It really can be fast and easy creating this system in SharePoint. Sign up for our session today!

Aired: 26-Jul-2019 | Workshop | Description

In this workshop, we'll build a customized form incorporating all the key functionality
in the newly released Form Designer tool. Starting from scratch, we'll show every step to customize your form with the new toolset.

We will answer your questions and show you how to take advantage of all the options.

If you want to learn more about how to use these new tools and want to understand the new approach, then this workshop is for you!

Aired: 18-Jul-2019 | Webinar | Description

Do your people borrow things like equipment, projectors or spare laptops and then forget to put them back? Are you having trouble finding equipment because it wasn’t returned?

Let us show you a simple and flexible checkout system approach using standard SharePoint lists combined with easy to use features from Ultimate Forms.

We’ll highlight these features:

  • Visual reservation calendar to see availability at a glance
  • A user-friendly sign-out form
  • Automatic email reminders for overdue items
  • Easy to read dashboard for activity summary

We'll show you how to build this fast and easy with no coding required!

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