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10 Easy Improvements for Your SharePoint Forms with No Custom Code

Aired: 22-Mar-2018 | Description

Out-of-the-box forms in SharePoint are boring. Customizing SharePoint forms is confusing and often requires extensive custom development. Come join as we demonstrate 10 improvements that you can make to your SharePoint Forms to make them look good and work great! We'll cover how to add this functionality using no custom code in Infowise Ultimate Forms:

  1. Add a custom formatted header with dynamic content.
  2. Add eye catching icons to choice fields.
  3. Break up your form into tabbed sections.
  4. Include a progress bar indicator in the SharePoint list view.
  5. Include formatted "hover help" to provide detailed instructions to users.
  6. Add cascading dropdown fields.
  7. Show status updates with automatic history tracking.
  8. Include conditional validation that is triggered only in specific cases.
  9. Dynamically show and hide form sections in real time.
  10. Allow users to write a custom signature directly into the form.
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Simple but Flexible Purchase Order System

Aired: 22-Feb-2018 | Description

Maintaining a healthy supply chain is key to any business! 3rd party Purchase Order systems can be expensive and don't always cater to your organization's needs.

In today's world, speed and simplicity are the key to success!

Please join us to see how easy it is to set up a simple but flexible Purchase Oder system using Infowise Ultimate Forms and no code. We'll show you how easy it is to set up and maintain relationships between Vendors and their supplies, assign different users the ability to create and send PO's and automate Vendor communications.

By using Infowise Ultimate Forms we can easily streamline our supply chain and empower our users!

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Build your own Interactive Help System in SharePoint

Aired: 25-Jan-2018 | Description
The way that instruction is expected by users has changed dramatically.
Lengthy help documents are difficult to update and likely to be ignored.
We now expect to get information in bite sized pieces through pictures, videos and short snippets. 
Organizations need to evolve to incorporate a centralized help tool that allows users to find help quickly and get them pointed in the right direction.
Please join us as we show a simple process to build your own Interactive Help System in SharePoint using no custom code. We'll demonstrate how to easily build a visual interface with advanced search capabilities and an interactive user interface that accommodates content authors and readers. With just a small amount of effort, you will "WOW" your organization with this great looking tool.
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Build Your Own CMS in SharePoint with No Custom Code

Aired: 30-Nov-2017 | Description
It is easy to build a simple but robust CRM by combining the capabilities of SharePoint with the unique features of Infowise Ultimate Forms.
You can centralize all your sales efforts and drive interactions with sales reminders. This system will make it a breeze to onboard new customers while ensuring a prompt introduction is made.
It will give your team the ability to drive efficiencies and automate task management with reusable templates and actions to generate and assign tasks.
Easily track interactions with customers and generate intuitive reports.
Achieve all of this while tracking the information valuable to your business!
Come join us as we show you techniques to turn your SharePoint environment into your central sales hub!
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Build a Timesheets System in SharePoint using No Custom Code

Aired: 25-Oct-2017 | Description

​Do you track hours in SharePoint? Of course you do!

When it comes to tracking time, there are lots of options.

The best option is to build your own tool that works just how you want!

Please join us as we demonstrate how to build your own tool without having to write any custom code.

  • Auto-generate timesheets every week
  • Auto-total weekly and monthly hours
  • Custom email reminders to be sure time is entered at the end of the week
  • Parent / child list set up using timesheets and time entries
  • Auto-generate PDF reports
  • Custom indicators to show status​
  • Simple and easy interface

Come join us as we demonstrate how to build your own system using easy steps!​

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Build Great SharePoint Dashboards

Aired: 28-Sep-2017 | Description
Most SharePoint environments are a collection of 'plain vanilla' pages that look confusingly similar. Instead, strive to make great looking dashboards that are visually dynamic and interactive.

Do you want to make dashboards that make your users 'OOH' and 'AAH'?

Come join us as we show you several tips and tricks that will let you add some 'AWESOME' to your SharePoint dashboards!
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Create Great Looking Forms in SharePoint

Aired: 31-Aug-2017 | Description
In most cases, SharePoint forms are boring and provide a poor user experience. This contributes to a negative view of the tools you build in your SharePoint environment. The look and feel of your forms is every bit as important as the core functionality. There are lots of easy steps that you can take to create a friendly and helpful user experience. Please join us as we demonstrate several techniques that you can use to improve the user experience in your SharePoint forms using Infowise Ultimate Forms Premium Suite.
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Project Tracking in SharePoint with Infowise Ultimate Forms

Aired: 20-Jul-2017 | Description
SharePoint is an excellent platform for project management with teams of any size. By providing a centralized location where team members can go to communicate work progress or find up to date information, SharePoint provides an excellent backbone for your team. Adding Infowise Ultimate Forms to SharePoint will give you the tools to make your site even more powerful!

Infowise Ultimate Forms provides a suite of tools to extend the default SharePoint experience, allowing an impressive level of customization, automation, and reporting. Best of all, Infowise Ultimate Forms exposes all this functionality through a simple, code free interface right from SharePoint itself – no additional servers or complicated installations required. In this webinar, you will see some of the benefits of Infowise Ultimate Forms as we create a Project Tracking solution in SharePoint.
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Building SharePoint Solutions with No Code

Aired: 22-Jun-2017 | Description
Do you want to build a custom solution in your SharePoint environment?

Are you overwhelmed by the many choices and technical challenges?

Infowise Ultimate Forms provides a comprehensive platform for your Office 365 SharePoint Online or SharePoint on premise environment. You can build out full solutions without writing a single line of code. Our platform includes robust functionality to full customize your forms and handle your business process from start to finish.

In our webinar we'll talk about the strategy of building a solution in SharePoint showing you an easy to follow process to build your solution all 100% inside of the SharePoint environment.

In our presentation, we'll show a real world solution built from scratch using Infowise Ultimate Forms to implement all of the business requirements and customization that you need.
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Workflows Made Simple with Infowise Ultimate Forms

Aired: 18-May-2017 | Description
Are complicated SharePoint workflows slowing down your development process? Maybe you have simple SharePoint automation tasks for which a workflow would be an overkill. Perhaps you are just looking for a simple but powerful replacement for SharePoint Designer. Infowise Ultimate Forms provides a framework for SharePoint customization and automation which is easy to learn and use for both simple tasks, such as automatically updating the value of a field, and complex tasks like document approval, targeted email alerts, or automatic site creation.

Imagine being able to create powerful SharePoint solutions right in the web browser. Infowise Ultimate Forms is a platform with integrates directly into SharePoint and allows you to create custom solutions without needing additional software or servers! Additionally, Infowise is designed around a “No Code” philosophy so you can jump right in and start creating solutions without having to learn a new language. Join us as we solve common SharePoint automation tasks easily with the help of Infowise Ultimate Forms.
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Replacing InfoPath Forms

Aired: 20-Apr-2017 | Description
Are you looking for an InfoPath replacement? You know that you should stop building solutions with InfoPath forms, but what is the best replacement?

Infowise Ultimate Forms provides a complete SharePoint toolbox allowing you to easily make the switch. All of the custom functionality that you can build in InfoPath is easy to recreate and improve in SharePoint forms using Infowise.
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SharePoint Automation – Done Simply

Aired: 30-Mar-2017 | Description
Every day there are countless business process that we spend our time working on, wouldn’t it be nice if we could automate away the repetitive, time consuming and error-prone parts of them? SharePoint is an excellent tool for collaboration, a centralized location that every employee can reach with only a web browser. Unfortunately creating automated business processes in SharePoint is very difficult!

With Infowise Solution’s Ultimate Forms, you are empowered to create powerful business solutions within SharePoint, all without any having to write any code or use SharePoint’s Workflows! In this Webinar, we will review some of the automation tools that Ultimate Forms offers. Come see how easy it is to automate away your problems!
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Manage Employee Training in SharePoint

Aired: 23-Feb-2017 | Description
Employee training is an important part of any business, unfortunately tracking available trainings, employee training history and managing the training calendar can become a huge headache! Instead of struggling with excel workbooks or spending a lot of money and time for a dedicated package, why not utilize SharePoint to create a training tracking system which can be used by your entire organization?<br><br>In this webinar, we will show you how to create a training tracking system, complete with automatic email remainders, effective reporting and dynamic training calendars. For this task, we will use our product, Ultimate Forms, to extend regular SharePoint lists to provide the customizations that will make the training tracker work exactly the way you want it to without any coding necessary!
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Create Employee Timesheets in SharePoint

Aired: 12-Jan-2017 | Description
Tracking employee work hours can be a cumbersome and painful process. Making your own time tracking application in SharePoint will allow your employees to easily track their hourly work. You can run simple reports and monitor activity employees on a weekly basis.
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Build an Approval System in SharePoint

Aired: 15-Dec-2016 | Description
Approvals are a common requirement for many SharePoint systems. Custom built workflows are inflexible and difficult to manage. An approval process needs to be user friendly and easy to manage.

Please join us for our next presentation demonstrating a dynamic document approval system in SharePoint. We'll show you how you can make your own customized solution using only configuration with no custom coding required.
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Creating an Expense Report in SharePoint

Aired: 17-Nov-2016 | Description
Expense Report is one of the most common forms that almost any organization needs. You want to be able to quickly and easily report your business expenses and then route the form for approval. You would not believe how many places, even today, still use pen and paper, Excel or Word documents! Not everyone has the skills and the knowledge to build a robust modern solution for this common need.

In this webinar we will show you how to build a real life expense report, complete with an approval stage. We will be using our product, Ultimate Forms, to add the necessary extra on top of regular SharePoint lists to make sure the process works exactly how you need it to work.
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Actions Instead of Workflow - SharePoint Automation Made Easy

Aired: 20-Oct-2016 | Description
Business processes can be a headache to build in SharePoint. Join as we demonstrate a simple and easy alternative. We'll show a fast no-code approach to building a business process using only configuration screens in Infowise Ultimate Forms.
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SharePoint Automation from the Browser

Aired: 22-Sep-2016 | Description
Using Infowise Ultimate Forms, you can create automated SharePoint solutions directly in the browser without any external software suite. This integrated solution allows users with no programming experience to create fully automated SharePoint solutions in an intuitive and user friendly way.
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Custom SharePoint Solutions with No Code

Aired: 19-Jul-2016 | Description
Please join us as we demonstrate an alternative approach to building SharePoint Solutions accomplished entirely in the SharePoint interface. These simpler and cleaner solutions can be built by any users with only a moderate level of understanding of SharePoint and no programming required.
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Sales Quoting and Customer Relationship Management in SharePoint

Aired: 14-Jun-2016 | Description
Do you sometimes struggle with accurately quoting cost or time for projects? SharePoint is the perfect tool for managing customer relationships, tracking requirements, and ultimately generating accurate sales quotes with a few clicks. Using powerful solutions, such as Infowise Ultimate Forms, you can quickly construct tools to automate common processes that all businesses struggle with. Come join us as we discuss how to construct an effective Customer Relationship Management system inside of SharePoint.
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Joel Oleson: Business Process Automation Made Easy in SharePoint and Office 365

Aired: 17-May-2016 | Description
Listen to Joel Oleson open up the latest in the future of SharePoint and Office 365 as we address product gaps. InfoPath is dead, SharePoint Designer is deprecated. We will properly position current SharePoint investments and look at the latest in SharePoint 2016 with Flow, Power Apps, and powerful solutions like Infowise as we look at industry trends and address product gaps to simplifying business automation today.
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Ultimate Forms - A New Approach to Building SharePoint Solutions

Aired: 21-Apr-2016 | Description
Infowise Ultimate Forms is a set of tools that allows you to build directly from the SharePoint interface with the least amount of hassle. Here we take look at how these tools open the door to a new and easier approach for SharePoint development.
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Build a Flexible and Effective Onboarding Solution in SharePoint

Aired: 17-Mar-2016 | Description
Using Infowise Ultimate Forms, your SharePoint platform allows you the flexibility to create an automated system that allows managers, new hires and HR users to collaborate and ensure that candidates move successfully through the critical first weeks of employment.
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HR Applicant Tracking System in SharePoint

Aired: 18-Feb-2016 | Description
Your SharePoint platform is a great place to build your own custom Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Infowise Ultimate Forms provides you a set of tools that allows you to build your own custom ATS using only the SharePoint user interface. This system will be able to meet your own specific requirements WITH NO CUSTOM CODE.
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Building a Truly Helpful Help Desk System

Aired: 19-Jan-2016 | Description
Join us as we demonstrate how to build your own custom Help Desk System using Infowise Ultimate Forms. We'll show you how to implement customize forms, attractive dashboards and custom business processes all according to your own specific needs.
Webinar video

HR Leave Request System in SharePoint

Aired: 08-Dec-2015 | Description
Does your current leave request system make you feel stuck? Join us as we demonstrate how to easily build your own custom leave request system using Infowise Ultimate Forms.
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SharePoint Forms Headaches?

Aired: 10-Nov-2015 | Description
Are you frustrated by the lack of SharePoint form building tools? Do you want to leverage SharePoint to create real business solutions? Do you want to easily build forms in Office 365 or on premises? Join us as we provide a cure to your headaches with Infowise Ultimate Forms.
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Implementing User Facing Workflow with Infowise

Aired: 14-Oct-2015 | Description
Join us as we demonstrate how to implement dynamic user facing workflow with Infowise tools.
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Infowise Ultimate Forms: easily create business solutions

Aired: 18-Jun-2015 | Description
Join us for feature-by-feature comparison of Ultimate Forms and (soon to be late) InfoPath as forms platforms for SharePoint
Webinar video

Infowise Ultimate Forms vs. InfoPath - One More Time

Aired: 07-Aug-2014 | Description
Join us for feature-by-feature comparison of Ultimate Forms and (soon to be late) InfoPath as forms platforms for SharePoint
Webinar video

Head-to-head: Infowise Ultimate Forms vs. InfoPath

Aired: 05-Jun-2014 | Description
Join us for feature-by-feature comparison of Ultimate Forms and (soon to be late) InfoPath as forms platforms for SharePoint
Webinar video

Turning Projects into Bananas

Aired: 03-Mar-2014 | Description
Join us for this lighthearted demo on how you can automate any business process using nothing but Ultimate Forms and your browser
Webinar video

Infowise Ultimate Forms Suite

Aired: 20-Nov-2013 | Description
Learn how you can create and manage advanced business solutions without writing a single line of code, using just your browser
Webinar video

Help Desk solutions in SharePoint

Aired: 09-Oct-2013 | Description
Learn how you can implement help desk applications using SharePoint as your platform without any custom development, using just your browser
Webinar video

Codeless business applications in SharePoint

Aired: 23-Jul-2013 | Description
Learn how you can leverage Smart Action Pro to create sophisticated business solutions without single line of code using just your browser. We will explore common business scenarios to be implemented in virtually minutes
Webinar video

Cross-site collection navigation made easy

Aired: 04-Jun-2013 | Description
Regain control of your multiple site collections with shared, uniform navigation. With built-in security trimming, only authorized sites are shown to each user, and with automatic permission inheritance it is ridiculously simple to manage access control.
Webinar video

Project Management in SharePoint

Aired: 14-May-2013 | Description
Learn how you can leverage our components and solutions to implement a project management system tailor-made to your unique requirements, without any custom development, using just your browser