Create Item IDs using a seed value

When auto assigning an ID number it can be useful to begin from a seed value. Starting at 10000 ensures a uniform width for the record ID since the number of characters will always remain the same.


  • Create a standard SharePoint text field to store the ID value Proj ID.
  • Use the Item ID settings to apply the pattern: Proj.[#|10000]
  • Apply settings as shown:

  • By checking the Edit option, any records that were previously created will also be updated with the next available ID.



The Item ID settings allow for the creation of dynamic patterns which can allow for the creation of a variety of IDs. Our example allows us to start from a seed value.

Last modified: 9/7/2017 4:22 PM
7 comments [latest: 1/8/2018 6:10 PM]
Danny [5/11/2017 2:27 AM]
Is there a condition to reset that ID number to start at 1 for example let say every 1st day of the fiscal year?
Vladi Gubler [5/11/2017 3:00 PM]
Danny: if you include the year as part of your pattern, it will do it automatically. It will always start with 1 if the rest of the pattern produces a unique new value.
Ross [12/4/2017 7:14 PM]
If I want to use the automatically generated SharePoint LIST ID Field (it is an option in the Pattern object selector how would that work? I have added it as part of the string in the pattern however it doesn't appear to be used. The generated ID is missing that value entirely.
Vladi Gubler [12/4/2017 7:17 PM]
Ross: list item is is assigned later in the process, so it's blank when we generate our id.
Jim [1/8/2018 6:01 PM]
Why is the System ID not available to display on my form or on my print template. I understand that there is no ID until the item is saved. I should be able to save a record have the ID display or save the record and have it copy the ID to a field I create to display it? How would that work?
Vladi Gubler [1/8/2018 6:10 PM]
you cannot use system item ID in Item ID rules, as it does not exist yet when the Item ID is generated
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