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Passing Data from Parent to Child Lists

By: david riggins | Comments [0] | Category: Sample Applications | 2/3/2017

Linking two lists together using Infowise Associated Items is a powerful tool for simplifying data relationships inside SharePoint.  Often it is necessary to pass data from these parent lists to the child lists in order to easily build reports or run Infowise Smart Actions.

In this video I go through a step by step process on how to setup a default values between two lists that have an Infowise Associated Item connection.



Feb 2017 - Newest features rollup

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: General | 2/2/2017


We constantly work on improving and expanding the capabilities of Ultimate Forms, ensuring that it's the best platform for your business solution needs. Many of these features are based on our customers' feedback and I would like to sincerely thank you for that!

During the last couple of months, despite the winter holiday season, we released a number of new features:

  • Supporting automatic import of data from CSV and TSV files
  • Enhancing $GetValue function. Now you are able to select the item, from which to pull a value, not only by ID, but also by any text or numeric field
  • Supporting multiple colors in progress bars, even allowing the bar to change color according to value
  • Connected Lookup column can now pull data even from large lists, which the regular lookup can't handle. You can use the type-ahead feature to only pull th data when one or more characters are typed, greatly improving performance
  • Associated Items Summary columns can now be configured not to perform background calculations. Although it's a great feature, in some scenarios these calculations can update the item in the background while it's already open in the Edit form, causing a save conflict. You now have the flexibility to specify when to run these updates and when not too.

Note that some features first appear in the app version and only later get implemented in the on-premises version. It doesn't mean we are not 100% committed to our on-prem customers, it's just easier to deploy new features to the cloud first, but the two version are kept compatible at all times.


Ultimate Forms is now running on Azure

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: General | 2/2/2017


Great news! We have recently completed the migration of our servers to Azure. On this new hosting platform we can offer greater performance and flexibility for our Office 365 add-ins.

Probably the most exciting feature is the ability to host the application at multiple locations around the world and automatically redirect the user to the geographically closest location. For our European customers this geo-location feature also ensures that your data never leaves the territory of the European Union, in compliance with European data privacy laws and regulations.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to almost instantly scale the computing power, according to the changing demand. We are able to add new web application instances within seconds, making sure that the application is always available and always responsive, no matter how heavy the workload is.


Disable updates on Summary columns

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: General | 1/27/2017


When you use Associated Items column in your list and an Associated Item Summary column, we add event receivers to the child list to update the summary column in the parent when child items are added, modified or deleted. That helps the summary value in the parent to stay up-to-date.

When you open your existing parent for editing and then update one of the child items within that parent, it will run an update on the parent behind the scenes. When you then try and save the parent, you will receive an error message indicating that a Save Conflict has occurred. That is because the parent was updated in the background and the form is no longer valid. In most cases, it's not a problem, but if your scenario requires such updates, it could be problematic.

That's why we added a new setting on the summary column to disable automatic background update. It will ensure that Save Conflicts are not caused, but note that updates to the child items will stop updating the parent, the parent itself will have to be saved to recalculate the summaries. This is an advanced setting and should only be used when your use case requires it.

The feature is currently available in the app version of Ultimate Forms and will be added to the on-premises version soon as well.


New features in Connected Field for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: General | 1/20/2017


We extended support for on-demand loading on values. You can now configure the field to only start loading values when the user types in several charaters. That ensures that only a small subset of the list values is loaded, resulting in much better performance, especially when working with large list. We also provide support for lists that exceed the throttling threshold (over 5,000 items), you an use these lists as well!

Localization support is also added, the field will now appear in your language.