Smart Alert Pro

The product provides advanced tools for creating, managing and sending out alerts and notifications based on SharePoint content and changes.

Smart Alert Pro UI

Advantages compared to the built-in alert capabilities:

  1. Notifications – alerts sent according to a date/time column of the item. You can be notified before or after the date value and the notification can be repeated at pre-set intervals for a pre-set number of times.
  2. Conditions – alerts can optionally be sent only when one or more conditions apply. You can also use conditions of tab permissions set by Smart List Pro.
  3. Recipients – you can send alerts to SharePoint users, users in a User/Group column of the item or emails in a text column, users in a Contacts list or to manually specified e-mail addresses.
  4. Mail Templates – users can create and re-use their own alert email templates. The administrator can create templates that can be shared by all users.
  5. URL Zones – URLs in the alerts can be transformed into a zone of your choosing.

For more information and examples on this topics follow these additional resource links;

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  • Go to Tutorial pages, click on any of the tutorials of this topic "Alerts".

Also, to dive deeper into the user interface functionality follow the links below. 

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