Smart Alert Pro

The product provides advanced tools for creating, managing and sending out alerts and notifications based on SharePoint content and changes.

Advantages compared to the built-in alert capabilities:

  1. Notifications – alerts sent according to a date/time column of the item. You can be notified before or after the date value and the notification can be repeated at pre-set intervals for a pre-set number of times.
  2. Conditions – alerts can optionally be sent only when one or more conditions apply. You can also use conditions of tab permissions set by Smart List Pro.
  3. Recipients – you can send alerts to SharePoint users, users in a User/Group column of the item or emails in a text column, users in a Contacts list or to manually specified e-mail addresses.
  4. Mail Templates – users can create and re-use their own alert email templates. The administrator can create templates that can be shared by all users.
  5. URL Zones – URLs in the alerts can be transformed into a zone of your choosing.

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