New AI Rewrite function in Ultimate Forms
Vladi Gubler
Vladi Gubler
May 15, 2024 | Products


As we continue our integration of OpenAI compabilities in Ultimate Forms, we are now adding a new function $Rewrite. Similar to the rewrite functionality in multiple lines of text column I introduced in my previous blog, it leverages the power of OpenAI to modify input text, be it rewriting in a different writing style or translating into a different language. As a function, it can be used in a variety of places within Ultimate Forms, for instance:

  • In dynamic rules on forms, to copy modified value into a different column in real time.
  • In Actions, to rewrite and/or translate text and then update the item (or create a brand new item).
  • In Import, to ensure imported text is always in the same language, regardless of how it was in the source.
  • In Alerts, to translate text into the preferred language of the recipient.

As always with our functions, it's simple and easy to use. The function receives three parameters, separated by the | sign:

  1. Text - input text, a combination of static text, column values and functions.
  2. Style - (optional) the writing style to rewrite the text in, such as "formal", "business" or "technical". You can enter any style here, in English only, and the AI engine will attempt to accomodate your request. When left empty, the original text style is preserved.
  3. Language - (optional) locale ID of the language to translate to. You can find the list of most common locales here.

For example, $Rewrite([Body]||es-ES) will take the text from the column Body and translate it into Spanish (Spain), while preserving the original style. Another option: $Rewrite([Body]|formal|) - will rewrite the text from the column Body and rewrite it in the formal style, without translating.

You'll be happy to know that if the input is rich text (includes formatting), the engine will do its best to preserve the same formatting, whenever possible. So for example, originally bold text will remain bold in the Spanish translation as well.

Let's see how we can implement it on a form.

  • Create a list with two multiple lines of text columns: Body and Spanish (you can of course use any names).
  • Click on Design -> Form Designer and generate a form for the list.
  • On the design canvas, click to select Spanish column, then in the right pane find the Rules section and click to add a new rule.
  • Configure your rule as following:
  • It will now translate the text from the column Body into Spanish (Spain) and place it in the column Spanish. You can of course further enhance the rule with conditions if desired.
  • Publish your form.

If you now open New form to create an item and start entering text into Body, the Spanish translation will appear in the column Spanish after a short delay:

And of course functions are not limited just to forms, we can easily implement them in very much the same way in other components as well, such as Actions:

As you see, this Update list item action does pretty much the same thing - translates and save the text from the column Body in the column Spanish.

Feel free to implement this powerful tool in your own solutions!


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