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Use indicator to track spending

The Infowise indicator field can be used to show a progress bar which dynamically updates to track spending. A progress bar is a useful tool to indicate progress towards an expected value.


  • Create two standard SharePoint currency fields Spent and Budget set as required.
  • Create an Infowise indicator field Spent %.
  • Spent will be used as the numerator for the calculation.
  • Budget will be used as the denominator for the calculation.
  • 0 is the starting point for the progess bar.
  • The calculated percentage is automatically shown as a progress bar in the user interface.

In Office 365 the interface looks slightly different as shown:
  • Test out the functionality. Notice that the progress bar updates each time the record is changed:


An indicator bar is often used to show progress towards an eventual goal. Consider using this to track sending or to show the progress towards completion of a project.

Last modified: 9/1/2017 9:23 PM

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