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Validate Empty Columns

Infowise allows you to do a wide range of validation on your columns. One of the most commonly used validation techniques is to ensure that information has been entered into a field. Infowise allows you to easily validate empty columns and alert the user if there is an issue.

NOTE: The features described are for use with the Classic-style Form Builder. If you are using the SharePoint Modern experience, our recommendation is to use the newer Form designer tool – validation is one of the functions controlled as a part of that, rather than as a stand-alone.


Navigate to your list and then to the Infowise Column Validation screen.

  • In the first drop-down, choose the column that you would like to validate. In this case, we are validating that the Project Owner column is not empty.
  • Select ‘Column, in type and set the ‘Operator’ to not equals
  • Leave the Value blank
  • Add an error message that lets your user know that the column cannot be blank
  • Check the ‘Validate Empty Columns’ checkbox
  • Hit the Save button


To ensure that our validation is working as we expected. we head over to our form to test. As expected, we get an error when we try to save the form without filling out the Project Owner column.



Ensuring that your field is fully complete before allowing the user to continue is a critical component of any successful application.

Last modified: 10/1/2019 3:46 PM

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