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Dynamic Forms

Infowise provides the ability to customize field permissions on the fly based on user inputs. In general this is referred to as Dynamic Permissions or Dynamic Forms.

In the same way that we may sometimes want to dynamically require (or not require) a field based on another field value, we can also show / hide a field or change whether another field is read or write only.

Forms can be made more responsive based on user input so that users are presented only with relevant information.


  • The best way to illustrate the concept of dynamic forms is a common scenario that occurs frequently forms.
  • Users should not be presented information that is no longer relevant based on information provided in successive fields.
  • This is annoying to the user and may lead them not to use the tool or to complete the required information.
  • In contrast, a well built for is pleasing to the user in that it efficiently captures only information that applies.
  • Following this approach, you can creat a Smart Form that is responsive to user inputs.

To illustrate a common situation, create a list to capture this information:

  1. What is your favorite kind of pizza? (Pepperoni, cheese, mushroom, None of the above)
  2. (Only if NOT none of the above.) How often do you eat pizza? (Daily,Weekly, Monthly)
  3. (Only if not Daily) Would you eat pizza more often with a discount card? (Yes / No)


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