Customize Form Width to 100 Percent

Infowise forms by default adjust in width according to content and fields in your forms. An alternative is to force 100% width if you like for the forms to always fill the width of the page. Adding a single entry in the tab settings area can change width to 100% as an alternative layout.


By default the forms often leave a white unused space on the right side of the page as shown:

The width can instead be changed to 100% by embedding a CSS entry using the tabs settings section.

  • Open Tabs and Tab Permissions.
  • Expand the Styles section at the bottom of the page.
  • Use All for the setting Apply in forms.
  • In the Selector area, use this snippet of code:

#onetIDListForm, div.ms-webpart-chrome-fullWidth > div > table, .iwslp-maintable, .iwslp_body #tbAllFields

  • Use the value:

width: 100%;

  • Be careful when clicking the buttons! Add the style entry first, then add the setting before clicking Update at the bottom of the page.


  • Once you have applied the CSS entry, your forms will now fill the page as shown:


Sometimes a form with many tabs or a lot of content may look better using the full width of the page. Another option is to use a percentage somewhere in the middle. Experiment and see what works for you!

Last modified: 9/11/2017 8:15 PM
4 comments [latest: 8/1/2017 1:53 PM]
Kim [7/14/2017 2:57 PM]
The form in your example appears to be displayed on a page. Is there a webpart to do this? I have created a form, but at the moment can only open it by clicking the "+Add new item" button at the bottom of the list. I would like to display the whole form on a page so that a user only has to access the page to fill out the form. Thanks
Ken Kapp [8/1/2017 12:41 PM]
But at 100%, the space between the labels and the columns seems quite excessive, as if the data entry area for the columns have been centered on the page. Is there a way to reduce this gap to bring the column entry area closer to the label?
Vladi Gubler [8/1/2017 1:53 PM]
Ken: sure, you can set any size you want, just override the following class: td.ms-formlabel
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