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Test the import and synchronization (4/4)

In the previous section we setup our Smart Import to synchronize with Microsoft Azure MSSQL.  We should now be importing data every 15 minutes from Microsoft Azure or your preferred database.  In this section I will cover how to ensure that you are receiving data.


You will find the Import History in the Smart Import Profile that you created.

Click on the Import History and you will see the records have been imported successfully.

You can also click on the Load More button if you want to see more records:


Some other notes:

Microsoft Azure requires you to  enter IP address into the firewall settings.  These can be obtained by contacting support@infowisesolutions.com

If you need polling that’s faster than every 15 minutes, please contact sales@infowisesolutions.com and they can provide polling up to every 2 minutes.


For more information on setting up and connecting to Azure you may find the following liks helpful:

Microsoft Azure https://azure.microsoft.com/ 

Azure Database getting Started


Azure Database Connect through Sql Server Management Studio



For More Information on Smart Import Pro:


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