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Build the SharePoint list for import (2/4)

In the previous section we setup and configured our Azure Database, in this section we will build our SharePoint list with the fields we need to make the Smart Import function correctly.


The list you intend to use for your import must contain an ID (which serves as your unique identifier) and a DateTime field in order for the import to work. 

For this example I am using:

PropertyID - This is the primary key from the database and will be our key in this example.

LastUpdated - This is a datetime column that updates every time a record is changed.


I am going to create a custom list, the fields PropertyID, Address and I am also going to add two additional fields that help in this example:

Address - The address of the property
RentPaid - Simple yes/no file that says if the rent has been paid this month or not.


Add your custom list:


Create PropertyID



Add LastUpdated as a DateTime Field:


For the Address field I am going to change Title to Address:


Finally I am going to add a Yes/No field that lets me know if rent has been paid.


This list is now ready for the Smart Import Pro to work.  It is very important that you have a Date/Time field and an ID field of some kind in order for the Smart Import to have fields to determine what data has already been added and what data needs to be updated.

In the next section we will build the import with Smart Import Pro.



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