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Add QR Code to Print Template

SharePoint serves as an excellent hub of information and it is often used to track items digitally as well. Using the Infowise Ultimate Forms Suite, we can extend SharePoint’s tracking abilities to the physical world with the Barcode and QR Code functionality of the Infowise Smart Print Pro tool!


One possible use case for using the Smart Print Pro QR functionality is using a SharePoint list as an inventory system. In this example, we have a SharePoint list that is being used to keep track of all of our company laptops. We can easily make a print out with the computer’s information from a list along with a machine-readable QR code!

First, I will show you how to set up a QR code output in the Office 365 version of Infowise. For our first step, we need to go ahead and build a list to house our laptop inventory.

I’ve created columns for the Model, Computer Name and Owner. Next, we will navigate to our Infowise Design Screen and select Print and Export under the Configure Import and Export section.

On the Print and Export screen, give a Title to your Print Template. Next, select the List Type in the dropdown and select the column’s that you would like to include in the template. Move them into your template with the double blue arrows. Make sure and select the field that you would like to include as you QR code, in this case the Computer Name.

Next move down to the Barcode & QR Code section. For the Type dropdown, select QR Code. Next, select the column you want converted and click save to generate your Print Template.

Navigate back to your list to test the functionality. Select some records from your list and click the Print button under the Lit tab in your ribbon.

We can see that we have successfully instituted a QR Code tracking system for our list.



Setting up a Print Template with a QR Code in the on-premise version if Infowise is similarly easy, but there are multiple ways to do it. In the on-premise version of Infowise, we can set up a QR Code through the Infowise Design Screen as already shown or through navigating to the List Settings screen and selecting Infowise Print Settings from the Permissions and Management section as shown below.



In this example, we walked through how to build a Print Template that includes a QR Code for tracking purposes.

SharePoint is an excellent source for tracking information digitally and with Infowise Smart Print Pro Barcode and QR code feature it is easy to extend this tracking capability to the physical world.

Last modified: 10/2/2018 6:49 PM

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