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Form Builder - Advanced Styling and CSS

As we saw in the video tutorial on basic styling with the Form builder, there are a number of different ways to change the look and feel of your custom form. However, in some cases you might need to make alterations that aren’t covered by the out-of-the-box tools.

Luckily, the form builder gives you some additional advanced ways to affect change.


Using the Custom choices in the Styling pop-up menu, you can modify individual attribute properties for the form element you have selected. For instance, to change the padding of an element – that is, the space between the border and content within the element –select the attribute and enter the desired values. Changes take place when you click Save.


Another way to fine tune your form’s style is by using custom CSS. The biggest difficulty with CSS is knowing what element to change. Luckily, all browsers have developer tools built in that allow you to pinpoint specific elements and expose the CSS around them.

To change CSS, with the element you want to change selected, open the CSS command from the menu bar, and paste in your code. When you’re done, scroll down and click Close to save your changes.

For the definitive resource on CSS, please visit the W3Schools CSS page at https://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp.

Last modified: 8/12/2019 5:43 PM

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