Passing Data Between Lists

When you link two lists together using Infowise Associated Items it's useful to pass data from the Parent list to the Child list.  In this example I have two lists tracking parents and their children and I setup a Default Values and Dynamic Rules to copy data instantly from the parent item to all child items.



List Setup

The Parent and Child lists have these matching fields:

  • Parent Name
  • Parent Age
  • Parent Phone Number


Duplicating these fields in the child list gives the Default Values and Dynamic Rules a location to copy the data too.


Infowise Field Name

The Default Values and Dynamic Rules need the Infowise field name for each field it being passed from parent to child.  This field name is a combination of the prefix iwfv_ and the SharePoint field name.

You can find the SharePoint field name by going to the parent list settings and clicking on the field to get to the edit screen.  The name of the field will be in the URL on the edit screen.  In this image you can see I find the SharePoint field name for Parent Age:


Now I add the prefix iwfv and which gives iwfv_Parent_x0020_Age.  This is the text that to use in the Default Values and Dynamic Rules settings.


Default Values and Dynamic Rules

Configure the default value inside the child list by clicking on the Design button and going to Infowise Ultimate Forms.


Click on Default values and dynamic rules


For the Column configuration choose the corresponding child field Parent Age. Check the Parameter checkbox and enter the Infowise field name iwfv_Parent_x0020_Age.

 Click the Add button and you have the default set and the data will be passed from Parent to Child by default.


Using Infowise Associated Items and Default values and dynamic rules we can pass data from the parent to the child.  This advanced technique is useful if you want to build reports in child lists that contain parent data or execute Infowise Smart Actions from child lists based on parent data.

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24 comments [latest: 2/15/2018 7:29 PM]
Matt Jaffe [4/26/2017 5:06 PM]
I'm having trouble getting this to work on-prem and I the video and screen shots appear to be using the O365 version of InfoWise. Does this work on-prem and are there any differences? I set up this exact example and the default is not being applied when I create a new child item from the parent list.
Vladi Gubler [4/26/2017 7:38 PM]
Matt: it works almost identical, on premises we use iwfv instead of iwfv_, but that's all.
Peter Richstein [5/9/2017 12:33 PM]
I tried this out, but it doesn`t work at all. I put it together like shown in the vid. But the data weren' t passed to the child list. We are using a SP Foundation 2013 on premise with IW Ultimate Forms Suite. I am the owner of the site without any restriction rules. The item in the child list is added by using 'New entry' in the parent list column, while the parent list is in 'View' mode (btw. same result on 'Edit' mode). The complete SP-URL of the Parent field looks like this: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/_layouts/15/FldEdit.aspx?List=%7BCAD7A129%2D10DE%2D4B67%2DBA51%2D27A5076EAB2B%7D&Field=vollst%5Fx00e4%5Fndiger%5Fx0020%5FName The Default Value in the child list was set to "iwfvvollst%5Fx00e4%5Fndiger%5Fx0020%5FName" as shown in the Video and according to the recent post concerning difference between Office 365 and on premise. I think that' s right, but it doesn't work. The shown parent field is a calculated column and concats two other parentlist-Fields (result Format: single line of text).But it doesn't work either with a single line of text field where the value results from user input What is wrong? Do you have a hint for me to make this work?
Genady Vaisman [5/11/2017 8:36 AM]
Peter, this functionality will work only in new or edit form. the logic that is collecting parent field values is working from the client side and taking the values from field controls, so if your parent field is a calculated column it will not appear in these forms and its value will not be passed to the child. for more information, please contact our support@infowisesolutions.com
Peter Richstein [5/11/2017 1:54 PM]
Genady,thanks for your advice. But as mentioned also a user Input field doesn`t work . Which list / item has to be in 'edit'-mode(Parent and/or child or both)?
Vladi Gubler [5/11/2017 7:51 PM]
Peter: the parent needs to be in edit mode (or new). Not all field types are supported in all versions.
Toni Hart [5/12/2017 6:34 PM]
Can you please tell us what field types ARE supported? I have attempted to implement this as well on ALL field types and it does not work - no errors, just does nothing. Please provide additional explanation and/or training.
Vladi Gubler [5/12/2017 7:28 PM]
Toni: generally, editable fields, such as text, number, date, etc. should work fine. Note that when there are a lot of fields in the list, not all of them can be passed due to URL length limitation, so use field ordering of the list to put the fields you want to pass first.
Jon Williams [6/21/2017 11:03 PM]
I too have on-prem 2013 Foundation and Ultimate Forms. This doesn't work. I have used all the comments above to no avail. No matter what type of field, regardless of new or edit form, this isn't working. I have ordered the parent and child fields to the top of the list...nothing. I would love to make this work, but On Prem users need different instructions.
Vladi Gubler [6/22/2017 2:03 PM]
Jon: the only difference between O365 and on-prem, that on-prem the prefix is iwfv (without the following underscore), e.g. iwfvTitle, not iwfv_Title. You can examine the URL with which the child form opens, the values will be in the URL.
Jon Williams [6/22/2017 5:42 PM]
I think the issue has something to do with spaces in names. I finally made this work when the parent field name was only a single word (or if I put an underscore in place of a space). For example I can pass through a field called test_text, but test text doesn't work. I have tried iwfvtest%5Fx0020%5Ftext, iwfvtest text and other variations. Any thoughts?
Jon Williams [6/22/2017 5:47 PM]
Disregard my prior submission, I replaced the space with _x0020_ and got it working. Thank you.
William [7/3/2017 9:56 PM]
I too have tried this every way possible on premise 2013 and it will not work. I can set up two lists, and have it where you enter an id manually, and it will pass the id from parent list to child list no problem. As soon as you assign an item id with numerator, it stops working. Not only that, you can no longer set the column under the tab settings to be seen anymore.
Vladi Gubler [7/4/2017 3:30 PM]
William: when you assign the Id using Item Id, it becomes a read-only column and cannot be passed to the child. You can still grab this data using actions.
Dan [7/21/2017 2:12 PM]
Is this only work if the two list (parent and child) should be both in Infowise Associated Items content type?
Vladi Gubler [7/21/2017 2:25 PM]
Dan: no, first of all the content type of the parent list doesn't matter at all. The child list must either contain our content type or a lookup column pointing to the parent.
Stephanei [7/21/2017 6:46 PM]
How many fields can be passed from the parent to the child? I've managed to pass 37 fields and can't pass the 38th & 39th fields but 37 seems to be an odd number for it to stop at. And I'll ask my next question because it depends on the above - can a child form have a child form? Major cascading form that involves multiple parties to complete.......my current child form is creating a PDF form needed prior to parent form being saved (why I'm passing so many values)......
Dan [7/21/2017 11:50 PM]
Thank you Vladi. I using O365 and follow the above steps exactly but NO data from parent list passed to child list. I wonder if there's a step I missed here.
Derek Kent [7/24/2017 1:32 PM]
Dan - Please send a screenshot of your settings to support@infowisesolutions.com. We will start a support ticket to handle this.
Vladi Gubler [7/24/2017 2:36 PM]
Stephanei: it's not the number of fields, but the length of the data. There is a limit to how many characters can be passed in the URL, so we limit the total length to 1500. Use the column ordering in the list to make the fields you want appear first, we pass the fields according to the order in the list, that will make sure they are included.
Derek Kent [2/15/2018 7:29 PM]
@Stephanie: Can you send an email to support@infowisesolutions.com, we will open a ticket. Also, can you detail any configurations you may have on the [Title] column?
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