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Passing Data Between Lists

When you link two lists together using Infowise Associated Items it's useful to pass data from the Parent list to the Child list.  In this example I have two lists tracking parents and their children and I setup a Default Values and Dynamic Rules to copy data instantly from the parent item to all child items.



List Setup

The Parent and Child lists have these matching fields:

  • Parent Name
  • Parent Age
  • Parent Phone Number


Duplicating these fields in the child list gives the Default Values and Dynamic Rules a location to copy the data too.


Infowise Field Name

The Default Values and Dynamic Rules need the Infowise field name for each field it being passed from parent to child.  This field name is a combination of the prefix iwfv_ and the SharePoint field name.

You can find the SharePoint field name by going to the parent list settings and clicking on the field to get to the edit screen.  The name of the field will be in the URL on the edit screen.  In this image you can see I find the SharePoint field name for Parent Age:


Now I add the prefix iwfv and which gives iwfv_Parent_x0020_Age.  This is the text that to use in the Default Values and Dynamic Rules settings.


Default Values and Dynamic Rules

Configure the default value inside the child list by clicking on the Design button and going to Infowise Ultimate Forms.


Click on Default values and dynamic rules


For the Column configuration choose the corresponding child field Parent Age. Check the Parameter checkbox and enter the Infowise field name iwfv_Parent_x0020_Age.

 Click the Add button and you have the default set and the data will be passed from Parent to Child by default.


Using Infowise Associated Items and Default values and dynamic rules we can pass data from the parent to the child.  This advanced technique is useful if you want to build reports in child lists that contain parent data or execute Infowise Smart Actions from child lists based on parent data.

Last modified: 9/7/2017 5:27 PM

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