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Associated Items Example - Products

In this example, we'll walk through the implementation of an associated items list and its related associated items field.

Using this model, you can create your own associated items list to create a relational table structure with your lists.


  • Create a standard SharePoint custom list.
  • Under Advanced Settings, enable management of content types.
  • Remove the default "Item" content type.
  • Add the Infowise Associated Items content type.
  • Adjust field settings as needed for the list.
  • Add an Associated Items field in the parent list.
  • Verify that the field is set to use the new associated items list.


The Associated Items list and corresponding field are an integral part of Infowise functionality. This configuration allows you to model the structure of a relational database in which there can be many-to-one relationships between lists. The Associated Items field is automatically filtered to show only the list items related to the parent record. All of this can be configured from the SharePoint visual interface with no programming or database setup necessary.

Last modified: 9/26/2017 1:12 PM

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