SimpleSharePoint Staff Performance Review

Staff performance review system from SimpleSharePoint

Streamline and simplify your employee review process. With this solution you can track employee goals and accomplishments in a simple and familiar interface, Employee performance reviews follow a pre-determined, uniform procedure including alerts, and a rating system. Our performance review solution is flexible, easy to implement, and customizable to ensure it fits within your business processes.
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This solution automates the employee review process. Staff are evaluated based on their performance goals.

  • Search by multiple data fields.
  • Electronic tracking of status changes and audit history.
  • Maintain a record of past employee reviews.
  • Role-based system allows assignment of appropriate access level by department.
  • Enable employees to electronically complete self-evaluations and submit them to their manager.
  • Provide managers with powerful search capabilities to efficiently review and evaluate employees.
  • High-level management dashboard view of the progress and status of all employee reviews.
  • Allow designated users to configure and administer the solution with user-friendly lists and pages.
  • Request additional performance feedback from other managers and employees, through the use of automatically created and pre-populated emails.


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This solution can be installed on SharePoint 2010 Foundation and Server, SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server and SharePoint Server 2016.