Streamline Government Facility Management with SharePoint and ULTIMATE FORMS: Build Your Own System Today
Amir Shingray
Amir Shingray
April 04, 2023 | Government

Classrooms, offices, boardrooms, hospital beds, and courtrooms are all excellent examples of shared facilities that rely on active and efficient resource management systems to make them available for everyday use. While some software solutions are available to help organizations manage their resources, they are often extensive, feature-heavy, and industry-specific, making them prohibitively expensive, less accessible, and not user-friendly enough for government agencies.

Here at Infowise, we believe in simplifying the process of creating a facility and resource management system by helping government agencies leverage their own SharePoint platform to create a customized facility and resource management applications. By tailoring the system to align with the organization's unique operational needs, our user-friendly solution streamlines resource management and boosts productivity for organizations of all sizes, that is including public sectors

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Infowise Solutions Ltd. was awarded a five-year U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule
70 contract to provide SharePoint and Microsoft 365-based process automation products.
Contract #: 47QTCA20D009C
MAS Schedule: IT Schedule 70
DUNS: 202754644

A Do-it-Yourself SharePoint Facility Management Solution!

One of the key benefits of using our facility management system built on an organization's own SharePoint platform is that it can be customized to align with its specific operational needs. By leveraging the existing infrastructure and workflows of the organization's SharePoint platform, our system can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of the organization's resource management processes. This ensures that the application aligns more with the organization's operational needs and is more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable. Add to that everything you build is code-free, and you can custom-build the application as a facility manager.

ULTIMATEFORMS for SharePoint, a GSA-Approved Solution!

Just in case you are new to the SharePoint space, here is a little bit of introduction about ULTIMATEFORMS, as you will be using this application to build your own SharePoint Facility and Resouce Management system.

ULTIMATEFORMS by Infowise simplifies SharePoint applications by building by offering customizable forms and workflows, automation features, data visualization tools, seamless integration with other platforms, and robust security and compliance. These features help streamline processes, reduce errors, increase productivity, gain insights into operations, and manage data and workflows across different systems. Its GSA-approved status ensures the highest levels of security and compliance for sensitive data.

Enjoy a host of procedural and feature benefits by building your resource management system using SharePoint and our Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS, including;

  • Simple resource manifest includes pictures for every resource: Our system includes a user-friendly resource manifest that provides an overview of all available resources, complete with pictures for easy identification. This feature ensures that you can easily select the necessary equipment without the hassle of sorting through confusing spreadsheets or lists.
  • Self-service reservations with picture preview of resources during selection: Our self-service reservation feature allows users to reserve resources quickly and easily. And to simplify the process, we provide a picture preview of the resource during the selection process. This ensures that users can easily confirm they are selecting the correct equipment for their needs.
  • An automatic conflict checks the system to avoid schedule overlap: To prevent scheduling conflicts, our system includes an automatic conflict check feature that ensures that resources are not double-booked. This feature saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors or confusion.
  • Visually appealing dashboard showing reservations scheduled for all resources: Our visually appealing dashboard displays all reservations scheduled for all resources, allowing you to monitor the availability and use it easily. The dashboard provides a clear, organized view of your organization's resources and reservations, helping you stay on top of things at a glance.
  • Automated email notifications for confirmations and reminders: Our system includes automated email notifications for confirmations and reminders, ensuring that users are always up-to-date on their reservations. This feature saves time and ensures that users don't forget about their reservations.
  • Simple process to add or edit resources anytime: With our system, adding or editing resources is a breeze. Our simple process allows you to add or update new resources anytime. This ensures that your resource management system is always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Crystal clear dashboard always shows availability and use of all resources: Our crystal clear dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the availability and use of all resources. This feature ensures that you can quickly assess the status of your resources and make informed decisions about future reservations.

Start Building Your Own Facility and Resouces Management System

Are you ready to simplify your facility and resource management operations with ULTIMATEFORMS by Infowise? We offer two quick and easy ways to get started. First, follow our step-by-step demo to quickly build your facility management system using ULTIMATEFORMS.

Secondly, you can download our free Resource Management System and customize it to meet your specific needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance or require a more sophisticated system to meet your organization's needs. Our team can advise you on the right implementation partner to help you achieve your goals. Don't let inefficient resource management hold your organization back – start building your own facility and resource management system today with ULTIMATE FORMS by Infowise.


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