October 2013
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Introducing Infowise Stages

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [3] | Category: Products | 10/24/2013


Introducing Infowise Stages, our new tool to visualize and manage your SharePoint-based business applications.

Many components of Infowise Ultimate Forms are designed to add functionality to SharePoint lists to turn them into business processes. A quick overview of just 4 of them (up to 15 in total) that are relevant to us today:

  • Smart List Pro - adds tabs, tab permissions, column permissions, column validation rules, default vallues and more
  • Smart Action Pro - adds actions of 15 different types that can be configured to run when you create/update/delete items, on timer or manually.
  • Smart Alert Pro - adds customizable alerts to be sent to internal and external recipients based on events and on timer.
  • Smart ID Pro - adds custom item IDs according to your specific pattern.

What all of these components have in common is the ability to add conditions. You add conditions to control when a tab becomes visible/editable, when an action runs or when an alert is sent.

So in essence each set of conditions describes a distinct state of the business process, implemented through your list. Think of a purchase order that has been approved by your direct manager and is now awaiting the approval of the department head.

We call these sets of conditions Stages and that's what Infowise Stages is designed to visualize. We are not talking about a new product, there is nothing here that needs to be purchased. It is actually a new way of looking at the tabs, actions or alerts that you already have, grouped by the current state of your data.

Infowise Stages


Each stage displays the tabs, column permissions, validation rules, actions, alerts or item ID rules that you set up for it. Infowise Stages will automatically go through the settings generated by Infowise Smart List Pro, Infowise Smart Action Pro, Infowise Smart Alert Pro and Infowise Smart ID Pro (or just the ones you actually have installed) and extract stage data from those settings. You never need to actually define what a "stage" is or to what stage your tab or alert belong, it is done for you automatically in the way that helps you to understand how your business process is supposed to function.

Take a look at the following screenshot:

Stage Tabs

* By the way, your Default stage is the stage that has no conditions.

You can see here that this stage has 3 tab permissions assigned to it, it has one column permission and one item ID rule. By going over the different stages and the functionality associated with them, you can easily understand process flow of your application and identify potential problems.

Infowise Stages is a new concept we've developed. As with any new product, there is always room for improvement. We will be grateful for any feedback you can give us and hope you'll enjoy this new feature!



Infowise components - better together!

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Products | 10/8/2013


You surely already know what great value our components can bring to your SharePoint, allowing you to easily accomplish tasks previously only possible through advanced custom development. Each component covers a different aspect, be it forms, alerts or actions, allowing you to do more, faster and with fewer errors, using just your browser.

But there is a hidden gem you might not be aware of: most of our components recognize each other and provide you with additional functionality when used together. In this post I'd like to summarize this functionality.

Smart List Pro

Provides tabs and tab permissions, validation rules and much more

  • Smart Alert Pro - assign alerts to tabs to notify users when it's their turn to update the item
  • Signature Field - use yes/no conditions based on signature status
  • Smart List Mobile - provide extension of Smart List Pro for mobile devices

Smart Action Pro

Replaces the need for custom development with large selection of browser-configured actions

Smart Alert Pro

Replaces built-in alerts with fully-customizable alerts, based on conditions, accoridng to events or timer

Associated Tasks Field

Creates and manages relationships between lists

Smart Import Pro

Imports/updates/sync data from emails, database and web services

Smart Print Pro

Prints, converts to PDF and email list items

Event Calendar Plus

Display multiple different datasource on one color-coded calendar

Smart Rollup Pro

Combines data from multiple lists and document libraries across the farm

List Search

Search data in lists and manage the results




Check out Ultimate Forms - a suite of products listed above (and more) for a great SharePoint-based application development platform!