Performance Management System

A customized solution designed for your precise business requirements

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Let’s help your organization build a high-performance culture through effective performance management.

Performance Review

Manage employee performance, measure their overall contribution and acquire powerful insights that help you create a plan of action

Goal Setting

Set SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound goals and provide ongoing expectations and feedback on all key performance indicators

Culture & Values

Leverage the powerful app modules to develop and maintain robust and high-performance culture and shared values across your enterprise
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Simplified Review Tools

Employee performance reviews follow pre-determined uniform procedures. With these capabilities, you can manage employee performance, measure their overall performance and acquire powerful insights that can help you create a plan of action

Goal Setting

Help your team maximize their potential, set new career objectives, and achieve new goals through an automated set of tools that are easy to implement and manage. In this application, employees can create as many plans as necessary and save them as drafts to edit and submit later.

Safe and Secure People Data

Gathering, storing, and analyzing people data is a big part of aligning employee career goals and organizational objectives; with this app, you can quickly and accurately access past employee goals, plans, and accomplishments.

Workflow and Approvals

The role-based system allows the assignment of appropriate access levels by departments. In addition, the app provides managers with powerful search capabilities and tools to review and evaluate employees efficiently - managers' dashboards are designed for viewing the progress and status of all employee reviews. Designated HR team members can configure and administer the solution with user-friendly lists and setting pages.


Feedback keeps your employees engaged and on track to perform tasks that matter to their own careers and meets organizations' growth plans. The software lets you request additional performance feedback from other managers and employees through automatically created and pre-populated emails.
25 customization hours included Request a Demo