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Wizard Mode

Wizard mode allows you to capture data from the user in a progressive manner by presenting a form as a series of steps to be competed.

This user experience is similar to the experience of purchasing items on a web ste.

In particular, the Previous and Next buttons are used to guide the user and additionally capture and save user information as the user works through each successive section.


Before implementing a form using this functionality, consider the goals for your tool. Here are are some key aspects of Wizard Mode which should be considered:

  • Good for collecting a small to medium amount of fielded data from a user at one time via a series of steps.
  • More user friendly to user in that they are not overwhelmed with questions on one screen.
  • Previous and Next buttons provides a comfortable and familiar user interface.
  • Great for capturing data when there is a risk that the user may end the process early. (Clicking Next saves progress.)
  • Good way to entice users to begin the process by starting with a small amount of easy questions.
  • Creates a feeling of progression as the user completes sections.
  • Each progressive section may show different user questions based on previous responses. In this way, a user may be guided and prompted only for relevant information.

There are some risks that must be weighed when implementing this interface:

  • The mode only applies in the new form. This means the edit form will not deliver the same consistent interface. You can however create a text column in your list named "iwslptab", it will be used to preserve the current position within the wizard.
  • The user may still elect to cancel entry. This will result in partial data collection. The user is given a choice of either deleting the item or leaving it in the partial state.
  • Overall configuration and functionality is more complicated. It may provide challenges when trying to fully customize the interface.


In Office 365 Wizard Mode is not available. Instead consider using Validation to guide users through a form.
Last modified: 9/1/2017 8:12 PM

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