Delete List Item Action

The delete action should be used sparingly as this could cause unexpected results for the user. This action may be useful in situations where there is cleanup work that should happen when related records are updated or deleted. For example you may want related associated items in an associated items document library or list to be deleted when the parent list record is deleted.


  • Create a Parent ID field in an associated items list.
  • Create an update action using $Lookup([ID]) to set the parent ID to the Parent ID field in the child list.
  • Execute this action on add for the associated items list.
  • Set the Delete Action to delete the childlist items when the parent list item is deleted.
  • Test the functionality to make sure that it works as expected.

In Office 365 actions are hidden from the users by default. In this case, simply leave "Manual execution" unselected. Also the "Column Name" selection is not present in Office 365. The interface looks slightly different as shown:


Delete functionality should be used with caution. Making a mistake in the logic could trigger unintended deleted. That being said, this is an appropriate function to use for cleanup to remove records that are no longer relevant.

Last modified: 8/30/2017 7:20 PM
2 comments [latest: 9/27/2017 6:12 PM]
Rob [9/27/2017 4:52 PM]
Thanks for the video. Question though, why couldn't the delete action in the parent list delete the child items, where the Child "Parent Item Link" column value equals the Parent "Title" column value? Just seems like a little bit of an extra step to create a data relationship that is there automatically. Also, my IW Action is setup as instructed above but the update action is not setting the Child ParentID single line text column to the ID of the associated Parent list item. The Child list update action works fine if I enable it for the Edit page and edit the Child item or it's Parent Item. However when I only use the New page, the "Actions" column shows Success but there is no data in the Child ParentID column. Are there any other parent/child list/column config items to be aware of (ex. versioning)?
Vladi Gubler [9/27/2017 6:12 PM]
Rob: SharePoint does not internally understand our relationships and can't handle the delete on its own, unless the relationship uses a lookup column. Regarding your second question, please open a support ticket and send a screenshot of your settings.
Comments are not designed to replace support calls. If you have a specific issue with one of our products, please send an email to support@infowisesolutions.com to open a support ticket.