Event Calendar Plus

Infowise Event Calendar Plus is a custom Microsoft SharePoint web part that facilitates advanced events management in a visually-appealing and user-friendly fashion.

Office 365 app version is provided as part of Ultimate Forms app and is not available as a stand-alone app. The app version currently does not allow printing or associated items, these features will be added soon.

The calendar is able to connect to an unlimited number of various data sources, such as SharePoint lists of any kind (located on any site of the local farm), Microsoft Exchange calendars (including shared calendars) and custom databases and data-driven line-of-business applications.

The web part provides a wide assortment of views:

  • Compact view
    • Displays a small monthly view
    • Color-coding each day containing events
    • Hovering over a day, displays a list of all day events 
  • Day/Week/Month view
    • Similar in appearance to the SharePoint built-in calendar, while adding new functionality
    • Supports color-coding event according to category or status
    • Displays additional fields on mouse-over
    • Optionally displays progress bar of completion of associated tasks (requires installation of Infowise Associated Tasks Field) 
  • Quarter view
    • Displays 3 compact calendars side-by-side with the complete functionality
    • Click on any day to display a day view 
  • Half-year view
    • Displays 6 compact calendars side-by-side with the complete functionality
    • Click on any day to display day view 
  • Year view
    • Displays 12 compact calendars side-by-side with the complete functionality
    • Click on any day to display day view
  • Gantt view
    • Displays month’s events on a Gantt chart
    • Click on weekdays to show day calendar
    • Click on week header to show week calendar

Infowise Event Calendar Plus allows setting color to each data source. Events originating from the data source will be marked with that color.

Infowise Event Calendar Plus allows setting color-coded categories to events. Subject to the preset Category field, each event is painted with the color assigned to the value of the Category field. Categories are supported for SharePoint list and for custom databases.

When using SharePoint lists, any lookup or choice column can be selected as the category, whereas in database any text column can be selected. Category color will override the data source color if any exists.

  • When a choice column is used, you provide the colors in the web part properties by utilizing the built-in color picker. The same functionality is also used for database data sources.
  • When a lookup column is used, you define the color in a column of the parent lookup list. The color value can be named (e.g. “red”) or hexadecimal (e.g. “#FF0000”)

In addition, Infowise Event Calendar Plus enables filtering the events by specific category. Just pick the desired category from the dropdown box located above the web part.

NOTE: Category functionality is optional and can be turned off in the web part properties.

Infowise Event Calendar Plus has extended functionality when used together with Infowise Associated Tasks Field. Infowise Associated Tasks field enables adding and managing related tasks for any list item or document directly from the item properties.

Once tasks have been to an event:

  • The event will appear with a progress bar, which reports the percentage of completed tasks visually.
  • Hovering over the progress bar, presents a tooltip with the percentage of completed tasks.
  • Clicking the progress bar displays the associated tasks list in overlay window and enables viewing / completing tasks.

The associated tasks status bar is available for day, week and month view. The only data source to support Associated Tasks is the SharePoint (WSS) data source. 

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