September 2015
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Upcoming maintenance for cloud customers

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: General | 9/28/2015


Our hosting provider announced a scheduled maintenance window.

Maintenance Date / Time:

The maintenance will occur on October 7th from 2:00 a.m. CST to 2:15 a.m. CST.


The load balancers will be negligibly affected by this maintenance. You will experience 10-15 seconds of dropped packets, the load balancing protocols will receive re-transmitted packets and, as a result, will most likely recover without any noticeable impact.


Solution templates with Ultimate Forms

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [3] | Category: Products | 9/23/2015


Creating something once and reusing multiple times is a key to productivity. Being able to easily recreate an already proven solution is an incredibly powerful capability. SharePoint makes it easy to re-create an existing solution multiple times through the use of site templates.

Unfortunately, site templates do not include everything you might want to preserve. That's where Ultimate Forms can help. Ultimate Forms was designed to allow its settings to persist even when the site is stored as a template and then recreated as a new instance. All your forms, columns, actions and alerts will be there and you don't need to do anything at all (that applies to the on-premises version, for the app version, read below).

For our partners, we can even help take it one step further. How about creating a business solution and then selling it as a self-installing package. We can help you package your site template + all the necessary Ultimate Forms components into a single, wizard-driven installer. All the customers will need to do is download it, run it on one of their servers and just pick a location for the new site, the whole business solution will be up and running in no time.

So what about the app version then? Good news, we've built the templating mechanism right in. All you need to do is distribute your site templates. Once installed, just add Ultimate Forms app to it and use its Template Manager feature. It will connect to your original site and copy all the settings over with a touch of a button. Give it 5-20 seconds to do its magic and your new site is fully operational!

Join our partner program to get access to these create features and improve productivity for you and your customers.


List Search, Event Calendar and User Property column released for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 9/21/2015


More components are being added to Ultimate Forms for Office 365. We are now releasing List Search and Event Calendar app parts as well as User Property column.

List Search can be used to search for items in lists and document libraries according the column values. Both simple and advanced search modes are available, allowing you to conduct precise searches, specifying multiple search criteria. Once you receive your search results, you can page through them, open and manage items directly from the search results, as well as print or export to a spreadsheet.

Event Calendar (currently in open Beta) allows you to view a consolidated color-coded calendar, showing items in SharePoint lists, Exchange calendars and databases. Calendars can be filtered according to data source and/or event category, presented in 7 different views (from a single day to the whole year) and, in the future, printed and sent as PDF.

User Property column can pre-fill your forms with information from your user profile. You can defined what properties to present and they will be fetched automatically when you start filling out the form. By default, the propertiies are taken from the current user's profile, but you can configure it to fetch any user's properties or even link the column to a Person or group column to automatically get values from the selected user.


Changes in custom columns for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: General | 9/11/2015


Due to the latest changes in the SharePoint Online API, it is no longer possible to configure custom columns from an app, unless the app runs under Full Control. As a result, we removed our custom column apps from the Office Store. But it's not a big deal, the apps are available from our site and can be installed through your Enterprise Catalog. The apps include:

You can still install each app separately, but if you truly looking for a comprehesive solution for your Office 365 needs, install Ultimate Forms instead, one app that includes everything you will ever need to build top-of-the-line business solutions inside your SharePoint sites. Ultimate Forms includes all the columns and all the other components we have to offer in one convenient, integrated app.


New Training Content Released

By: Will Cooper | Comments [1] | Category: General | 9/8/2015

We're glad to announce that a new training section is now available!

Click the Training Link on the top menu.

The new section includes over 60 modules which show you how best to use Infowise tools.

Our customers are always interested in learning new ways to utilize our tools to develop solutions. In response, we have been developing a series of training modules including screens, videos and real life examples demonstrating the many ways that Infowise tools can be used to create comprehensive SharePoint solutions.

We see this new training content as a foundation upon which we will continue to build.

We are certainly interested in your feedback. Please email or post comments to let us know whether the content is helpful in your use of Infowise.

Here are some of our goals for training content:

  • Include lots of short videos demonstrating use of the tools
  • Include lots of screen shots to better explain instructions
  • Keep content relatively short and clearly defined
  • Show both beginning and advanced use examples for each tool
  • Encourage a hands-on approach to learning

We'll continue to add new content and keep you posted!