July 2015
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Additional 3 business solutions are ready for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Sample Applications | 7/28/2015


Less than 2 weeks ago we announced the release of our first preconfigured business solution for Office 365 - Expense Reimbursement report. Just to show how quickly and easily fully functional solutions can be created, we are now ready with 3 more:

  1. Project Management - manage your projects, tasks, issues and working hours, tracking budget and actual utulization.
  2. Room and Equipment Reservation - reserve conference rooms, vehicle or anything else, with built-in double-booking prevention.
  3. Sales Quote Generator - manage products and customer, generate sales quotes and convert them to PDF and/or email directly from your browser.

Business solutions are very easy to install, all you need it to create a site from the template and use Ultimate Forms app to apply settings to the newly created site, it takes literally seconds to set up a functional business solution!




First business solution, Expense Reimbursement report, available for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Sample Applications | 7/16/2015


We are happy to announce that the first preconfigured business solution is available for Office 365. Expense Reimbursement allows you to submit expense reports, automatically notifying your manager, who can then approve or reject it.

We've had business solutions for on-premises environments for a few years now, currently numbering 15. But now we have the necessary technology to allow us to do the same for our Office 365 customers. The business solutions are made up of a site template, which includes all the neccessary lists, columns and views. Once you create a site from the template, you need to re-apply the Ultimate Forms capabilities to turn the static site into a living breathing business solution. It's actually extremely simple. Once the app is added to the site, open it and go to Template Manager. Log in with the public credentials (public for both user name and password), find the template matching the solution and click Apply to current site. In just a few seconds it will finish and your solution is ready for work.

Business solutions can be modified by you in any way you see fit. Add features, change existing ones or remove parts you don't need. If you don't have a license yet, you will need to license Ultimate Forms for at least that site. We provide support for Ultimate Forms if your license includes it, but note that the site template itself is provided "as-is".


Upgrading to Ultimate Forms app from individual apps

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [2] | Category: Products | 7/10/2015


Last week we released Ultimate Forms app for Office 365. This is one unified app that replaces the need to install each component app individually. You simply install one app and all the components become available from one centralized location.

But what happens when you already have apps installed and have configured alerts, actions and so on? The great news is that you are not going to lose any of those settings!
Remove the current individual apps and install Ultimate Forms and all of your settings will now be available for editing through the unified app! 


Changes in Smart Alert Pro app for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 7/3/2015


We just released a new version of the Smart Alert Pro app for Office 365, that includes new features and changes to existing features.

  • The user interface has been updated and now performs all operations without page reloads.
  • SMTP server settings have been deprecated and no longer available. The alerts are now sent directly through your Exchange Online, under the permissions of the creator of each specific alert. When creating or updating an alert for the first time, each user will be asked for his/her consent to send email messages from his/her account. Additionally, you can now configure a different From address on each alert you create, provided that you were granted Send As privileges on these mail boxes. The consent page is opened in a pop-up window, please make sure it's allowed to open by your pop-up blocker.
  • When sending through Exchange Online, custom headers cannot be specified. As the result, we can no longer offer Outlook integration directly from emails (such as Connect to Outlook for tasks, event and so on). You can still integrate directly from within the lists themselves.

The logic of sending alerts is now as follows:

  1. If the alert was created or updated in the new version, we will send through Exchange Online using the alert creator's credentials. The From account will be as specified in the alert settings, the message will include any attachments it requires.
  2. If the alert was created in the old version and not updated in the new version yet:
    1. If SMTP server address was previously specified in Smart Alert Pro Administration, the email will be sent through that SMTP server. The From account will be according to the preset SMTP user name as stored in settings, any required attachments will be included.
    2. If SMTP server was not specified, the email will be sent through the internal SharePoint mechanism. Only internal recipients will be able to receive the email (users of your domain), no attachments will be included.

Note that you do not need to perform any upgrade yourself. Smart Alert Pro is a provider-hosted app and it is updated from our side. Following the UI update, the URL of app pages have been changed, but the old URLs have been remapped and continue working with the new UI. We released a new version of the app that contains updated URLs, but you are not required to upgrade, your existing app installation will continue working with the new version without any problems.