July 2012
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Synchronous actions and cancellation in Smart Action Pro

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 7/26/2012


A quick update regarding the new features added to Smart Action Pro - our tool for easily making SharePoint so much more powerful

You can now run actions synchronously when you add or edit an item. That means that the action gets executed before the item is actually saved. First of all that saves the extra step of saving the item again, but it also allows you to take advantage of another great new feature - you can now cancel saving the item if an action fails to execute properly.

Consider this scenario - you create a new list item, at the same time some of the information in that list item is used to call a stored procedure on a remote Oracle database. If for some reason the action failed (for instance, the database is unavailable), you can prevent saving the list item. You can even enter a custom error message your users will see when the save process is cancelled!

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Timer actions and print support in Smart Action Pro

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [5] | Category: Products | 7/16/2012


We are happy to announce that a new version of Smart Action Pro just came out and it contains new exciting capabilities.

Smart Action Pro allows you to save a fortune on development costs by providing you with the capability of configuring various actions using just your browser. Do anything from updating list items, creating site, executing stored procedures or creating Active Directory users, the actions are attached to list item and can be executed automatically (or on demand) whenever the item gets created, updated or deleted. You can even assign conditions to only execute each action when conditions apply.

As we are committed to constant innovation, we expand and improve our products all the time. And this time we are adding two new and exciting features to Smart Action Pro:

  • Print list items action - when you install and use Smart Print Pro, our printing and export solution, you get a new action added to Smart Actions Pro's portfolio (making it a total of 13(!) different action types). You can now generate printouts of your list items and either email them or save them in document library or as attachments to the current item. Just imagine producing great-looking reports without any manual intervention!
  • Timed actions - until now you could only execute action when an item is created/updated/deleted or an action execution column is clicked. But now we introduce a new concept of timed actions. You can set your action to execute automatically according to a date column (for instance, one month after the creation date) or daily/weekly/monthly at a specific hour. Just think of the things you could do, such as email weekly sales totals to department heads without having to do anything manually!


Smart Action Pro is a great tool when you want to take the maximum advantage of your SharePoint installation without having to spend a fortune on consulting or development. You can virtually do anything using just your browser!

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