June 2016
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New features and improvements recap

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 6/6/2016


Today I'd like to list some of the great new features and improvements that've been recently added to the various components of Ultimate Forms to make your life easier!

Smart List Pro

  • Option to duplicate column permissions - instead of re-typing your settings, you can simply copy them. Available in the on-premises version, coming soon to the app version.
  • Client-side validation rules - most of the rules are now validated by the browser, without the need to submit the form first. These even include some advanced functions and calculations. Checking for errors in the browser saves you time, you don't have have to wait for the form to be submitted just to realize that some of the data was wrong.

Smart Action Pro

  • Notifications while executing long-lasting manual actions - informs the user that the action is still running
  • Support for non-default schema executing DB stored procedures
  • Improved permissions defining impersonation - ensures only authorized users can configure impersonation options

Smart Alert Pro

  • Extended support for sending SMS notifications
  • Improved support for handling file attachments

Connected Field

  • New auto-complete control

Smart Print Pro

  • Option to define From address for the email function
  • Improved support for Color Field

LOB Item Link Field

  • New auto-complete control
  • Automatic Get functionality
  • Support for non-default schemas

Color Field

  • Added 200 additional icons

Document Link Field

  • Links are now clickable in New and Edit forms