June 2012
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Get a summary of all changes with Smart Alert Pro

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [2] | Category: Products | 6/11/2012


We are happy to announce the latest feature added to Smart Alert Pro - our alert and notification product.

Now you can set the alert to be delivered in the new Summary mode. Each item addition, modification or deletion or any timed event will be compiled into a single email message, with each notification taking up just one line, e.g.:

Marketing plan 2013 has been modified by John Smith : 06/06/2012 12:13 PM

This way you can get a short, but comprehensive alert regarding all relevant items in a single message.

But that's not all. Combine Summary mode with other features of Smart Alert Pro, such as conditions, to be notified only regarding the items that matter to you. When you create multiple alerts set to Summary mode, they all get send within a single message (provided they are configured to be sent at the same time to the same group of recipients). So you can even configure to receive just one email regarding all the changes throughout the site collection!

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