April 2014
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New special alert mode for Today, Tomorrow and This Week

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 4/9/2014


As you might already know, Smart Alert Pro (a component of Ultimate Forms) is a replacement for built-in alerts. Its features are too numerous to mention, so I will just list a few highlights:

  • Complete integration - find a button for it wherever you can add regular alerts
  • Any recipients, both internal and external
  • Conditional alerts - add conditions to each alert to only send messages regarding qualifying items
  • Timer-based alerts - send alerts before or after a certain date (e.g. Due Date of a task), repeat if necessary
  • Completely customizable email templates

Our newest version includes a new feature, that is supposed to make life easier for you. You can now set an alert to notify you or your recipients about upcoming items/events based on Today, Tomorrow or This Week time periods.

Suppose you are adding an alert on an Events list and want to send a weekly email, listing all the events of the upcoming week.

In What To Send section you will choose According to date and choose your date column, in this case Start Time of the event

What to send

That will collect all events that start this week, so now we need to set up when we want to receive the notification.

When to send

Because it's a weekly summary, we can only choose Weekly, so let's select the week day and hour. Next we can specify how we want the emails to be delivered.

  • Send as separate email - each event gets its own email, usually not the best option for this kind of an alert, but some might find it useful
  • Send as single message - all emails are combined into a single one, preserving the layout template of each one (whichever template you chose in Mail Templates section)
  • Summary mode - a special condensed mode where each item gets just a single line, mail templates are ignored

Save the alert, you will now receive a weekly summary of upcoming events.


Apply custom look and feel to your SharePoint forms

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 4/9/2014


Good news!

We've just released a new version of Smart List Pro (a component of Ultimate Forms). It now supports applying your own custom look & feel to every list, so you can effortlessly create great looking forms.

Just see how easy it is to turn this:

Form Before

into this:

Form after

Some technologies, such as InfoPath, SharePoint Designer or 3rd party solutions implement this by replacing the whole form with a custom form, breaking certain functionality and creating that "out-of-place" feeling. Smart List Pro does not do that, it actually applies layout changes and stylings directly to the original form, no changes required.

Let me show how it is done, it should not take you more than 1 minute flat:

  1. Make sure Smart List Pro version 1.23.0 or up is installed
  2. On any list view, go to List (or Document Library) ribbon and click on Design button
  3. Click on Tabs and tab permissions (the first option there)
  4. Close all sections but General Settings

General Settings

Under Title I put in [Full Name], it will show this nice looking title above the form itself with the full name of the contact. You don't have to put it there or you can use any other value, the value picker is right there to help you.

Label location: Above field - will place column names above the column values, intsead of being beside them.

And I also selected to render the form in a 2 side-by-side columns.

Done with General Settings, collapse it and open up the new Style section:


Let me explain to you what I did here. I was using IE Developer Pane (F12, the same works in Chrome and, a bit differently, in FireFox) to find out the names of the CSS classes I wanted to override. You don't need to do that, you can simply enter the values for background and borders if you don't feel like honing your CSS skills just yet. So here we go:

  • Background color: I used a picker and selected a nice yellowish hue
  • Border radius: I gave rounded edges to the background (attention IE users on SharePoint 2007/2010, this option will not work for you)
  • Box shadow: I added a drop shadow to the form (again, IE users in earlier versions are out of luck).

I then added some direct CSS overrides to fine-tune my form. I changed the look of the submit buttons, changed the colors of field names and values, added some padding and enlarged the form title (remember that?) font.

Add the style (I added one for all forms, but you can actually enter a separate one for each). Save. You are done.

And it looks great in the Edit form too!

Edit form