March 2016
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Connecting to Exchange Online from Ultimate Forms for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Administration | 3/29/2016


Several of Ultimate Forms components can interact with your Exchange Online:

  • Alerts will send your alerts through Exchange Online mailboxes
  • Import will import emails from Exchange Online mailboxes
  • Print will send your print-outs to recipients through Exchange Online mailboxes
  • Actions will automate printing and send the print-out through Exchange Online mailboxes
  • Calendars will display your Exchange Online calendars in an app part, as well as allowing you to add new events directly from the app part

To be able to establish a secure connection to Exchange Online and send or receive items from Exchange Online, we have to receive a valid access token. Print is the simplest component, as it always runs interactively. When an access token is needed, you will be prompted for your consent (just once) and that's it. Pop-ups must be allowed so you will see the consent window.

For other components, it's a bit more complicated. As they mostly run in the background, there is no way to ask the user for the consent at runtime. We need to request an administrative consent beforehand instead. Because this consent applies to all the users of the tenant, a Global Administrator's consent is required. Depending on the component, it's given in different ways:

  • Alerts: an administrator has to visit the Administration page (accessible from the gear icon in the top right corner of the Alerts page). There, click on the Grant button (at the button of Adminstration section). That's it, the app can now send alerts on your behalf. You can always retract your consent through your Azure administration settings.
  • Import: when you first create an import profilee that uses Exchange Online, you will be prompted for consent. It is given just once, all subsequent profiles can be added without it.
  • Actions: when you try to save a Print (or Active Directory) action, you will asked for consent, even if one has already been given in the past
  • Calendars: when you add an Exchange data source, you will be asked for consent if it's the first ever Exchange data source.

That's it, not too complicated. Just make sure you have the necessary permissions, otherwise you will receive a Sign In error in the consent page and the error message will ask you to log in as an administrator.


Building an Onboarding Solution using Infowise Ultimate Forms

By: Will Cooper | Comments [0] | Category: General | 3/17/2016

Today we took a look at building an Onboarding Solution in SharePoint using Infowise Ultimate Forms.

Building HR related solutions has never been so accessible to HR teams than it is now with the combination of Infowise Ultimate Forms and SharePoint.


This product works great in both on premise SharePoint installations and also Office 365.


The ability to create custom processes and interfaces without having to use SharePoint designer or using custom programming is truly a remarkable opportunity for HR SharePoint users.

It is particularly important that these tools allow the flexibility to model processes and the interface to meet the specific needs of each organization.

Adding this toolset creates a virtually unlimited opportunity to create any kinds of tools users need to collaborate on their business processes.


Are you concerned about getting started with the product? We are ready and eager to help with training your team.

Take a look at our training section and also our lab based foundation training.

There are resources available to help you get a jump start as you start with these tools.


Do you have some ideas on an HR related project that is needed in your organization?

Please drop me a note and let me know what you are considering:

Look forward to talking with you soon!



How Ultimate Forms for Office 365 is updated

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Administration | 3/17/2016


Those of you coming from the on-premises environment are used to frequent version upgrades and try to keep your product up to date to take advantage of latest features and bug fixes. But how do you keep the app version up to date?

Well, the short answer is you don't need to. Because the app is hosted by us, it is always up to date. We constantly add new features and fix issue, to make sure you get the absolute maximum. Pay close attention and from time to time you will discover changes in the settings, new options, a more simplified approach and so on. Most server-side components require no action on your part.

The only components that do require some sort of intervention are the client-side form-oriented components (tabs, special columns and so on). The way these work is by uploading the latest scripts from our website into yours each time you save your settings. So when we release a new version of the script, it is not immediately available to your site, but must be uploaded by re-saving the settings. In some cases, the script is also cached by your browser and that cache might need to be manually cleared.

It doesn't mean that you actually need do anything proactively. The new script will be implemented when you take advantage of the new features and the old script is still functional and will work great.

So in conclusion: Office 365 approach gives you peace of mind, that's one of the greatest promises of the cloud!