February 2016
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New Training Available - Ultimate Forms Foundation Lab Training

By: Will Cooper | Comments [0] | Category: General | 2/22/2016

I am happy to announce that we are offering a new style of personal hands on training to new and existing customers!

Ultimate Forms Foundation training consists of four hours of in depth training which takes users through all the key functionality used in Infowise Ultimate Forms.

This in depth content allows users to get lots of practice with the entire range of Infowise related functionality.

This practice will be a huge help for new customers who want to kick start development when they first start using the tools or for existing customers looking to increase their use of the product.

We're already planning for the first training sessions and I hope that your organization will consider scheduling a training session soon.

Please reach out to me willc@infowisesolutions.com if you have questions about the training. Look for more information in the Foundation Training Info section of the site soon.

Here is a short video that describes the new training:



Build Your Own Applicant Tracking System with Infowise

By: Will Cooper | Comments [1] | Category: Sample Applications | 2/22/2016

We had a great session on Thursday in which we took a look at developing an Applicant Tracking System inside SharePoint using Infowise Ultimate Forms.

In many cases organizations feel forced to settle for a "canned solution" which many not have all the features and requirements necessary. Building your own solution using Infowise Tools allows for a deep level of customization and the ability to fully customize according to specific needs.

These tools are ideal for Human Resources related needs which can be addressed fully on the SharePoint platform.

Whether your group is using Office 365 or On premise SharePoint, Infowise has you covered.

If you missed out on our Webinar, please take a look below.

Next month we'll take a look at building a custom Onboarding System to help new employees getting started.