February 2012
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Tree view Filtering of web parts using Smart Filter Pro

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [2] | Category: Products | 2/24/2012


We are happy to announce the new feature set we've just added to Smart Filter Pro - our state-of-the-art filtering web part. You can now display your filter as an expanding tree, clicking on any node in that tree will filter the connected web parts accordingly.

You create the tree by defining one or more lookup filter and setting "Show as tree" for each of them. Each filter makes up a level in the tree, according to the filter order (you can easily control the order as well). For instance, your first filter is a lookup to Category and the second one - to Subcategory. Whenever you click on any node in the second level, the connected web parts are filtered by both Category and Subcategory, click on the first level - you are only filtering by Category.

Filter by treeview

You can still define and use additional, non-tree filters as well, as you could in the previous versions.

Another great addition: right-click any node in the tree and you see a menu for creating new item. Click on the menu and a pop-up shows up where you can enter data for your new item. Depending on the node you clicked in the tree, some columns are filled in automatically and are not even show on the form!

New item


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Import your emails and SQL items into SharePoint lists

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [3] | Category: General | 2/20/2012


We are thrilled to announce the new addition to our product line - Smart Import Pro. Smart Import Pro allows you to import data from external sources, such as email and database servers into any list of document library. You can generate new list items, documents or wiki pages from the external data or update existing items.

For instance, start a service call from an email message or generate investigations based on unusual data in a SQL database. You can even approve a business process by simply replying to an email, without even having to log into the SharePoint server!

Smart Import Pro is powerful and configurable. You can assign unlimited import profiles to any list or library. Each profile can run constantly (each 15 minutes), daily, weekly or monthly; each time it runs, it checks for new data on the server (be it POP mail server, Exchage or any database server). Then the new data is handled by one or more actions. Actions can create new items or update existing ones. You can even set filtering conditions on the actions, meaning that only data items satisfying your criteria are handled.

The "Extract" function allows you to extract a portion of any text element (say, email message Subject or Body) and use that value in Create or Update actions. For instance, extract the service request ID from the email subject and update just the relevant service request with new information or new attachments! Or respond "Yes" to an approval request email to set an approval to a business process!

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