December 2015
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New icons in Color Choice and Indicator columns

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Products | 12/17/2015


Great news! 200 new icons have been added to Color Choice and Indicator columns. You can now use these icons in views and form in any list or document library, in both on-premises and app version (Ultimate Forms).

The redesigned picker now groups icons in tabs, for easier navigation.

The original icon set is still there, proudly occupying tab #1. And as always, you can specify your own icon by providing a URL.

The icon can be used by both the Color Choice and Indicator columns. In Color Choice, you can assign a different icon to each value of a choice column.

The icons will be then displayed in any list view or display form. There is no need to modify the views with SharePoint Designer, it just works.

The Indicator column allows you to create KPIs by specifying data ranges and assigning a different icon to each range. For example, tasks due in the next 2 days will have a red icon, in the next week - yellow and beyond that - green.

Make your lists more appealling using the new icon collection!


HR Leave Request System using Ultimate Forms

By: Will Cooper | Comments [2] | Category: Sample Applications | 12/9/2015

Today we looked at another great opportunity for users of Infowise Ultimate Forms. Nearly all organizations can benefit from having an automated HR Leave Request System to facilitate employee leave requests and allow for easy management by HR.

When it comes to leave requests, the requirements of each organization are unique. Out of the box solutions often come at the cost of being too restrictive.

With Infowise Ultimate Forms, you truly have the flexibility to build your own solution whether for on premise or in Office 365.

If you didn't get the chance to attend our webinar today, I hope you'll take the opportunity to view the recording below.

I'd love to hear your feedback and please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions on how you might build your own custom HR solutions.