November 2013
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Infowise support for Managed Metadata column

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Products | 11/19/2013


Our Ultimate Forms suite was designed to require WSS/SharePoint Foundation only, so even the users of the free SharePoint edition can benefit from this advanced platform for creating business applications.

But we do acknowledge the fact that many of our customers do have SharePoint Server (2007/2010/2013) installed and they would like to take an advantage of the additional functionality the paid version introduces.

One of the most useful additions (in 2010 and up) is the Managed Metadata column type, allowing you to create and manage system-wide taxonomy, helping to sort out your data better.

Using the components of Ultimate Forms you can now create, read and modify the values in this column efficiently both in the interactive and behind-the-scenes business logic:

  • Components using conditions can successfully base their conditions on Managed Metadata display values
  • Smart List Pro can define default values for Managed Metadata, even allowing you to have different default values for different groups of users
  • Smart Action Pro allows you to set or modify Managed Metadata through actions. you can even set the value using another, free-text column and only text corresponding to existing managed metadata terms will be actually used. For instance, Marketing; Finance; Blah-blah will set the managed metadata field (assuming it allows multiple values) to Marketing; Finance and will disregard Blah-blah.

In summary, Managed Metadata provides a great mechanism you can now leverage to even greater extent through the power and versatility of Ultimate Forms!