November 2012
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Download user guides as one zip package

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Products | 11/30/2012


Good news! You can now download all the product user guides for any bundle/site template as one zip file.

Simply go to the bundle or template page and click on User Guides in upper right corner. All the relevant user guides will be added to one zip file, it's so much easier!

UPDATE: documentation is no longer available in PDF format. Click here to read our online documentation.

Automatically generate wiki-based KB articles

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [2] | Category: Development | 11/27/2012


Smart Action Pro is a great tool for automating business processes without any custom development. With 14 different action types at your disposal you can create/update list items, manage permissions, create lists/sites, manage Active Directory, generate print-outs and reports and much much more, and all using just your browser.

In this article I'm going to show how easy it is to generate wiki-based knowledge base articles with just one mouse click. This is actually the same approach that we use in our Help Desk site template, you can try it on our demo server.

Our KB article uses an actual support ticket as its basis. In that ticket (basically a custom list item) we document the steps we took while handling the support call. We use a rich-text column operating in Append mode (meaning that each time we edit the item, we add another entry to that column. Once we are done, we just click on a "Create KB" action column to run the necessary actions to create a new wiki page. The body of the new wiki page is based on the compiled steps from the rich-text column. Once it's created, we can edit it manually to give a more article-like feel (unfortunately computers are not capable of that, yet Tongue Out)

How will that work:

  1. Create a custom list where you will manage your tickets. Add any columns you might find useful, such as customer name, date, status and so on.
  2. Enable versioning on our ticket list. This is required for enabling Append mode in our rich-text column
  3. Add a rich-text column, call it Comments, enable 
  4. Add a rich-text column, call it All Comments, do not enable Append. We will use this column to store the complete list of resolution steps, copied from Comments. Using Smart List Pro or through content types settings make this column hidden.
  5. Add a choice column, named KB Article, with values Yes and No, clear the default value and make this column hidden as well. We will use this column as a flag for our actions to trigger KB conversion.
  6. Create a wiki library and call it Knowledge Base.

We are now ready to configure our actions:

  1. Go to List Settings and click on Actions settings
  2. If it's the first time you are adding actions to the list, you need to create an Action column, simply click on OK on the "Create new column" row, the default name Actions needs not to be changed.
  3. Create a new Update list item action and name it Append Comments. This action will automatically copy new entries from the Comments column into All Comments column.
  4. Append Comments
  5. Create a new Update list item action, name it Create KB and specify Show as column on the Advanced tab. Also uncheck Execute every time to make it run only once (we don't need more than one KB article per ticket).
  6. Advanced Settings
  7. In Action Settings, change the value of the flag column to trigger subsequent actions
  8. KB Action Settings
  9. As a precaution, add a condition to test for the flag value
  10. KB Conditions
  11. Create a new Create list item action, name it Generate Article. Mark it Hidden in Advanced Settings and fill in the following settings
  12. Generate Action Settings
  13. Add a condition to test for the flag value
  14. Generate Action Conditions
  15. Create a new Update list item action and name it Link KB. Mark it Hidden in Advanced Settings. This action will change the flag setting to Yes, this means that a KB article has already been created and will prevent actions from running again.
  16. Link Settings
  17. Add the same condition as with the previous action.

This is it, your list now contains a new column named Create KB. Include this column in views. Clicking on it will generate a new page in the wiki library using the contents of the Comments column of your ticket.


SharePoint column permissions in datasheet view, MS Access and web services

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [3] | Category: Products | 11/27/2012


We are proud to let you know that Smart List Pro now supports column permissions in Datasheet view, MS Access and in Lists.asmx web service, in addition to the regular list views and forms.

Among other features, Smart List Pro allows you to set permissions to columns both directly and, even better, by grouping them into tabs and setting permissions to the tabs themselves. Just imagine how easier it is to group 50 columns into 5 tabs and set permissions to the tabs themselves, instead of settings permissions to each individual column out of 50!

Now these permissions apply to non-SharePoint forms environments as well.

In Datasheet view, columns with permissions (both direct and through tabs) are presented as Read-only, so you have to modify the values in list forms only, preventing unauthorized access.

In Access (and other applications that use Lists.asmx web service) the columns are also shown as Read-only. Additionally, if a column value has to be Hidden (according to permissions and conditions), the column will appear blank for the specific items if the current user does not have the necessary permissions.

As an added bonus, this new feature also makes several of our custom fields editable in Datasheet, Access and web services. These fields include Connected Field, Color Field, URL Plus Field, Document Link Field and the free AJAX Field. Additionally, some fields that store values in our unique unreadable format (such as Signature Field) are excluded completely to prevent confusion.

Please note that the new functionality applies to Smart List Pro only, it does not work in the free Smart List Lite.



New - self-installing bundles!

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Products | 11/22/2012


We've been offering bundles of our products for a fairly long time. With a discount of up to 40% compared to the total of the retail prices of included components, bundles are a great value. They also save you time downloading each individual product separately (for instance, Ultimate Forms Enterprise bundle is comprised of 14 different products!)

Formerly, you could download the bundles as zip files, containing a separate installation file for each product. It meant that still needed to install each one individually. Not any more! We unified all the installers of each bundle into one, so now there is just one installer per bundle! It's so much easier now to install and try our products, you can even uninstall them all in one go.


Test-drive without installing - our new sandbox!

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: General | 11/7/2012


We are proud to announce the Infowise Sandbox server is now available. This dedicated SharePoint Foundation 2010 server is accessible from anywhere and by anyone.

We've pre-installed all of our site templates and we are committed to always upgrading own products to the latest version. So now you can try any of our business processes before you decide to download and install on your own server.

Watch the instructional video and start testing out each of the templates, seeing the products in action. When you decide that you need a closer look, just download and try for 30 days without any limitations!

Click here to access our SANDBOX