November 2011
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New in Associated Tasks Field - Action and Summary Columns

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Products | 11/1/2011


If you want to use your SharePoint lists as the backbone of a custom application, Infowise Associated Tasks Field is one of the first things you need. It enables you to create relationships between lists, so you ca add and manage related items directly from within the parent item forms and views. Imagine tasks associated with events, price proposal items appearing straight within the body of the proposal. The applications are endless, and we've been working hard on implementing this functionality in our sample site templates as well.

Constant improvement is more than a motto to us. Just look at the version history tab of any of our products to see it for yourself, we put out new versions as fast as we can, adding more and more functionality to make the products the best in their class. Associated Tasks field is one of our major product and as such receive its fair share of attention as well.

We are proud to announce two new and exciting features that were recently added:

  • Actions - you can now define action to perform on all related item at once. You can update, delete or (in case of document libraries) publish all of the item associated with the same parent item. You can complete all the tasks at once or send the old items to the archive. You can even specify that certain actions can only be available for administrators.
  • Summary Columns - new field type is here to help you perform calculations on related items. You can now count the items, get a summary of values (or even averages or standard deviations). No more manual calculations for quotes and proposals, know straight away how may overdue tasks are associated with the event or what is the average time it takes to complete a service request task.

So get your trial version now and see how helpful Associated Tasks Field can be for you!


New from Infowise - self-installing site templates

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Sample Applications | 11/1/2011


As you know, our components help you create business processes in minutes using just your browser, without any coding. Using products, such as the ones included in the Ultimate Forms bundle, you can created sophisticated web-based applications, such as the ones we've have under the Site Templates section of this website. For a while now we've been showing off videos of sample processes, along with blogs describing step-by-step instructions on how you can build them yourselves.

Now we've decided to kick it up a notch. We started packaging these applications as self-installing site templates. You can now pick any site template you like, download and just run the installation package. Without any manual intervention, the installer will determine what Infowise products you need, install or upgrade them if necessary, install the site template and then create and configure the website for the application. All that is needed from you is to point the installer to the desired location for the new website and maybe fill in your users in the SharePoint groups for the application.

Trial versions of missing products are installed automatically, so you can use the new site for 30 days without any commitment on your part. Use the site any way you like and change it according to your needs. Ready to buy the components? It's just as easy, you have the links to the product pages right from the website!

So try it out! The site templates available for download have a Download and install link on the Site Templates page.