January 2017
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Disable updates on Summary columns

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: General | 1/27/2017


When you use Associated Items column in your list and an Associated Item Summary column, we add event receivers to the child list to update the summary column in the parent when child items are added, modified or deleted. That helps the summary value in the parent to stay up-to-date.

When you open your existing parent for editing and then update one of the child items within that parent, it will run an update on the parent behind the scenes. When you then try and save the parent, you will receive an error message indicating that a Save Conflict has occurred. That is because the parent was updated in the background and the form is no longer valid. In most cases, it's not a problem, but if your scenario requires such updates, it could be problematic.

That's why we added a new setting on the summary column to disable automatic background update. It will ensure that Save Conflicts are not caused, but note that updates to the child items will stop updating the parent, the parent itself will have to be saved to recalculate the summaries. This is an advanced setting and should only be used when your use case requires it.

The feature is currently available in the app version of Ultimate Forms and will be added to the on-premises version soon as well.


New features in Connected Field for Office 365

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: General | 1/20/2017


We extended support for on-demand loading on values. You can now configure the field to only start loading values when the user types in several charaters. That ensures that only a small subset of the list values is loaded, resulting in much better performance, especially when working with large list. We also provide support for lists that exceed the throttling threshold (over 5,000 items), you an use these lists as well!

Localization support is also added, the field will now appear in your language.


New - Add colors to your progress bars

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [3] | Category: Products | 1/16/2017



Our Indicator columns allow you to add progress bars, KPIs and countdowns to any SharePoint list or document library. It's super-easy to do and it instantly makes the data in the list clear to understand at the first glance.

Until now, you only had one option for the color of the progress bar. Although it does look cool, we wanted to provide you with more flexibility. Introducing color ranges! Now you can assign a different color to one or more value ranges, for example green for up to 80% and red when over 80%.

Pretty powerful, right? And still super easy to do. Take a look at the settings below:

The green color is the default, so we don't really need to specify it (and it also makes sure that all your existing columns continue to function as usual). In my example, I'm adding Red range from 80% and up, this way it will be Green when <=80% and Red when >80%, as we see in the screenshot above.

For now, it's only supported in our O365 add-in version, but it's coming to the on-premises version soon!


Simplify Data Relationships and Presentation with No Custom Code

By: david riggins | Comments [0] | Category: General | 1/12/2017

We just completed our first webinar of the year showing you how to easily create a Time Sheets solution with Infowise Ultimate Forms. What you will see in the video is how we can easily relate two different custom lists and create easy to consume views which is one of the bigger challenges in SharePoint.

In our example, we show that customization doesn't have to be difficult when using the right set of tools - Infowise Ultimate Forms!  The demo shows a solution that hits the big needs of any business: relating and viewing data in an easy and simple way so you can get more done.


The tools we focus on are:
Associated Items
Color Fields
Indicator Fields

This example shows how using simple configurations and Infowise Ultimate Forms you can build powerful tool inside SharePoint.