January 2014
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New Infowise apps in Office Store

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 1/28/2014


SharePoint 2013 introduced the new app model, allowing you to install various apps directly from your internal enterprise store or from Microsoft's own Office Store. One of the main advantages of the app model is the fact that no executable code is installed on the server, which makes apps safe to be installed by end users or in restricted environments, such as Office365.

We are proud to announce that first 4 Infowise apps have been added to Office Store:

  • Infowise Connected Lookup Column - app version of our Connected Field, expanding the capabilities of any lookup column, adding cascading filtering, ability to add new values, filtering by view or column value and more.
  • Infowise Color Choice Column - app version of our Color Field (without the Indicator Field component, at least for now). It allows you to add color-coding or icons to any SharePoint list or document library. Both per-user and site licenses are available.
  • Infowise Smart Print Lite - app version of our Smart Print Pro, which allows you to print any list or document library in a template of your own design. The Lite version is free, but lack PDF and email functionality.
  • Infowise Facebook Like Field - app version of our solution-based free product, allowing you to add Facebook Like button to any list view or form.

This is the first generation of our apps, we will be closely following this emerging technology and post new apps as they become available.