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The Form Designer Toolbar


The menu for the new Form Designer tool is very different from the old experience.

Above the menu icons is a “breadcrumb” showing the list or library that you are currently working with. This is important to check, especially if you are working with the SharePoint Modern experience, since in that case you have to open Ultimate Forms from the Site Contents page. Check Creating a New Form for additional information.

Publish does just that – it published your form live to your site, and makes it visible to all site users.

Save will save any changes you’ve made in your current session but will not push them live to users until you publish them.

Preview allows you to see how your form will appear to users, but will not automatically save those changes. The new Form Designer is superior to the old tabbed form tool in that it is responsive – you can see how your form will look on different devices by clicking the small icons in the upper left of the Preview window.

Reset will disconnect your modified form from the list or library – users will once again see the default SharePoint form. However, your modified form is not deleted – it will reload the next time you open the Form Designer, and you can republish it to make it live again.

The Content Type field is not user-modifiable – it displays the type of source file that the form is attached to (i.e., list item or document).

Form Type – Use these check boxes to select in which states the current form will be active. By default, the form is active for new items, edits, and views, but the new Form Designer allows you to create separate forms for each state. Details for creating separate forms will be available in future tutorial information.

The Theme control lets you choose color a theme for the form. Currently, only light and dark themes are offered.

You can optionally use custom CSS definitions for elements in the form. Click the CSS icon to open the dialog and simply add your CSS modifications and click close when done. To remove modifications, reopen the dialog and delete them, then close again.

Obviously, basic knowledge of CSS and the ability to identify elements are required. A more in-depth look at this functionality will be forthcoming in future tutorials.

The small question mark in the upper right of the Form Designer window is a link to the Form Designer documentation on the Infowise web site.

Last modified: 6/28/2019 1:29 PM

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