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Wizard is the easiest way of installing the app and is recommended in most scenarios. Only use the method below if your environment demands a non-standard installation configuration. For infomation on usign the Wizard see here Using Wizard ( to use the wizard installer click on this link Install Wizard


Normally, we recommend that Infowise Ultimate Forms is deployed to the Tenant App Catalog usign our Wizard. However, there are times when that is not possible for some customers where there are stricter governance around what can be deployed to the tenant app catalog.

As a alternative way to accommodate this, we can take suggest using a Site Collection App Catalog. This will work similar to the Tenant app catalog.

Note: When using a Site Collection App Catalog, if you have Ultimate Forms deployed here and in the Tenant App Catalog, know that all your sites under this site collection will be using the version of Ultimate Forms from the Site Collection App Catalog.


To Deploy Ultimate Forms using a Site Collection App Catalog


You will need  first create the Site collection App Catalog on your Site Collection. Below is the powershell script that you can run (using your site collection admin account) to create the app catalog in your site collection. 

Create Site Collection App Catalog in SharePoint Online using PowerShell:

You can also setup Site Collection App Catalog instead of Tenant App Catalog, so that solutions are deployed only in the selected site collection. Also, this prevents other sites from having access to the Apps.

    #Define Variables
    $AdminCenterURL = "https://<your tenant name>"
    #Connect to SharePoint Online
    $Cred = Get-credential
    Connect-SPOService -url $AdminCenterURL -Credential $Cred
    #Set Site Collection as App Catalog
    $Site = Get-SPOSite $AppCatalogURL
    #Set Site collection as app catalog
    Add-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site $Site

#Read more:

You now should be able to go to your Site Collection App Catalog via https://<Your tenant name> or via the Site Contents >Apps for SharePoint.


Download the Ultimate Forms and Ultimate Forms Extensions from the Ultimate

Extract the files from the ZIP file (Infowise Ultimate and Infowise Ultimate Forms Extensions.sppkg)

Upload the “.app”, “.sppkg” files to your newly created Site Collections App Catalog you just created in Step 1




From the Site Contents, click on + New and  Add and App



This will take you to MyApps where you should see the Infowise Ultimate Forms to install from your Site Collection App Catalog.

Note: it is always best to choose "From my organization" when selecting apps from your app catalogs.

Once you add this (an the extensions if you did not deploy to all sites in the app catalog). You should have the Infowise Ultimate Forms app deployed to your site contents.


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