Using Wizard

You can install Ultimate Forms on Microsoft 365 using web-based installation wizard, without having to perform multiple manual steps.

Quick guide

  • If you still haven't done so, create app catalog.
  • Go to this page. You must be a Global administrator.
  • Enter site URL. Either make available to all sites without having to add to each site individually or deploy to the specified site.
  • Click Submit.
  • A pop-up window will open. Enter your Microsoft 365 credentials and grant the the app the required SharePoint data access permissions.
  • The process will now continue in the background and you will be able to view its steps in real time.


Post-installation steps

Once the process is complete, two links will be displayed:

  1. Grant access to APIs - allow the app access to various resource, including SharePoint, Term Store and Entra ID (formerly Azure AD).
  2. Create an app principal - required to allow the app to use event receivers.

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