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Infowise Smart List Pro/Lite provides advanced tools for manipulating tab and column permissions, layout and validation rules of items in SharePoint lists and document libraries.

IMPORTANT: In some site collections in Office 365, you will find a Deny permission on Add or modify web part pages. This permission makes it impossible to customize forms using our product. For instructions on how to remove this permission, read our blog here.

These are the main capabilities added to SharePoint by the product:

  1. Tabs and Tab Permissions – control layout and behavior of SharePoint forms by groupping columns into tabs/groups and assign permissions directly to each tab. Permissions define whether tab’s columns are editable and visible. You can also set default tab for each user. Control the position of the columns as well as form styling.
  2. Advanced Column Permission Manipulation – List managers can grant different permissions to users on columns, optionally depending on values of other columns of the item. The permissions can be set to be read, write or deny (hide column).
  3. Column Value Validation – List managers can provide the ability to validate input while editing items.
    Validations can be in the form of regular expressions, string length, or in relation to values of other columns.
    Validation rules can optionally be applied only when certain conditions apply to the item.
  4. View Permissions - Permissions can also be set on list views, allowing only specific users/groups to access certain views.
  5. Default Values and Dynamic Rules– Provides the ability to set initial values in columns for new items or dynamically set values of any column in any form, based on other columns and functions.

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