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Sales Quote Generator is a SharePoint site template that allows you to create, manage, print and email sales quotes. The site template uses a combination of built-in SharePoint capabilities, extended through the use of a set of Infowise components.

The template allows you:

  • Manage customers and products.
  • Create sales quotes and add products to the quote.
  • Specify discounts and taxes.
  • Print quotes or save as PDF.
  • Send quotes to internal or external recipients in HTML or PDF format.


Using the Site

The site uses regular SharePoint lists to store and manage data. No external data storage or custom interface is implemented. This allows you to easily modify the way the site functions, using just your browser.

Managing Customers and Contacts

Use Customer and Contacts lists to manage the customers you will be creating the quotes for. Each customer can have one or more contacts and each contact should belong to a customer.

Customers list contains the following columns:

  • Title – name of the customer (company)

  • Contacts – references customer’s contacts. Use this column to add/manage contacts for the customer.

You can extend this list to add more columns for the information you need.

Contacts list contains the following columns:

  • Name – full name of the contact

  • Customer – lookup to the customer. When creating contact from within the customer form, this columns does not need to be filled out, it will be filled out automatically

  • Phone – phone number

  • Position – contact’s position at the company

  • Email – contact’s email address

You can extend this list to add more columns for the information you need.

Managing Products and Product Categories

Use Product Categories and Products to manage a catalog of possible product to include in your quotes.

Product Categories list helps you select products faster by selecting a category first and then selecting out of a list of relevant products. The list contains the following columns:

  • Title – name of the category

  • Manager – user responsible for the category (optional)

  • Products – references the products belonging to the category. Use this column to add products to the category or manage existing products

Products list contains the following columns:

  • Title – name of the product

  • Category – lookup to the parent category

  • Manager – user responsible for the product (optional)

Managing Price Lists

The current version of the site template does not contain price lists. You can however add this functionality easily by adding an additional column Price (currency) to Products list and copying its value over to the quote line item using Smart ID Pro (included) or SharePoint designer workflow.

Managing Quotes

Quotes are stored in two lists: Quotes and Quote Lines. The main details of each quote are stored in Quotes and the quote lines are stored in Quote Lines, there is a single-to-multiple relationship between the two lists.

Quotes list contains the following columns:

  • Quote # - automatically generated ID of the quote. You can create your own ID template, refer to Smart ID Pro’s user guide

  • Date – date the quote is created

  • Customer – lookup to customer

  • Contact – lookup to contact

  • Customer PO # - customer purchase order number if exists

  • Bill To – billing address

  • Ship To – shipping address

  • Products – references line items. Use this column to add and manage line items

  • Tax – tax percentage

  • Payment Terms – choice of payment terms

  • Quote Expires – expiration date of the quote

  • Sales Person – lookup to responsible sales person from Sales Persons list

Quote Lines list contains the following columns:

  • Title – line item description

  • Category – product category

  • Product – referenced product

  • List Price – list price of the product

  • Qty – quantity

  • Discount – discount amount (percentage or dollars)

  • Discount type – choice of discount type (percentage or dollars)

NOTE: Never add items to Quote Lines directly, items can only be added from within a quote.

Printing Quotes

Once you’ve created a quote, you can print and send it to the customer. You can create your own print template, specifying your own look and feel. Refer to Smart Print Pro user guide for more details.

  • Select a quote in a list or open in View form

  • Use Print button on the ribbon to open the print preview page

  • Print, save as PDF or email directly from the print preview page.


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